Young (6) 47 days due to Tetanus in intensive care unit – parents reject vaccination anyway

The son of Impfgegnern from the US state of Oregon was his lack of immunization, almost fatal. For almost two months, he had to be because of a Tetanus-disease treated in the hospital.

The Boy was Playing on a farm, a laceration that was treated at home and, apparently, even sewn. But after six days the Boy began to suffer from seizures. He was able to open his jaw, his neck and his back ached. A few hours later, the Boy could hardly breathe independently. The summoned paramedics had to fly him by helicopter to a clinic, where the Tetanus diagnosis has been established. The health authority of the United States, the CDC reported.

He asked for water, could not open his mouth but

As a six-year-old arrived at the clinic, he wanted to drink some water, but the spasms were so strong, he could not open his mouth. Due to diaphragmatic and laryngeal spasms, the Boy had to be ventilated, finally, artificially, in order to survive.

Because external stimuli increased the spasms, he was laid in a darkened room, the intensive care unit. However, the cramps in the back area increased, and he developed a high fever of over 40 degrees Celsius. Only after 44 days, he was able to take the first of water. After 47 days, he was allowed to finally leave the intensive care unit.

Hospital bill of more than $ 800,000

After a total of 57 days of continuous care and a month of inpatient Rehabilitation, the six-year-old Boy was able to run back to normal, and his leisure activities. Over the entire treatment period, hospital bills accumulated totaling more than $ 800,000. Thus, the treatment of the disease, about 72 times as expensive as an ordinary immunization against Tetanus. The parents of the boy refused, in spite of intensive medical advice, to let her son against the disease vaccinated.

Where Tetanus occurs

The Tetanus is a disease of the young was the first incident of this kind in almost 30 years. As the Robert-Koch Institute reported on its Website, is a widespread disease in the world. Nevertheless, there are large regional differences. Especially in countries with low vaccination rates, warm, moist climate and poor medical care, become ill and many people still died of Tetanus. The prick against Tetanus belongs in Germany to the Standard vaccinations that children in infancy be administered. In the last few years in this country, less than 15 cases have been reported annually.