You can relax as you want

Pain Coaching,you can Relax as you want

MIRROR KNOW has developed an eight-week Coaching for people with chronic pain, you can learn to understand your pain better and more competent to deal with them. This is the third part. The other parts can be found here.

“Relax! You will learn muscle relaxation techniques, autogenic Training, or Yoga!” Anyone who has to deal with chronic pain, knows such advice is sufficient.

In fact, many ailments, with muscular tension, and pain can be due to a certain anxious tension worse. In dealing with pain-relaxation is an important tool. But it is not a panacea. Especially standardized recreational programs that are often recommended are not the same for everyone.

This week, to get a individual approach to the subject of relaxation.

You have to ask yourself what relaxation is good for you at all and your pain. You can also, in principle, the question of what it means for you personally, relaxation. Because that can be very different: There are people who want to relax while Working, while cleaning up, or playing a Sport, others to relax, however, if you lie on the Sofa and stare into space.

In the Following, you get a task, you can find access to your personal kind of relaxation.

Try and choose

Sure, you already know a couple of relaxing activities and Exercises, tried them in a while, have practiced. It is a certain muscle relaxation technique, be it Yoga or other Relaxation, such as listening to music and doing nothing. To grab this week three Relaxation that you have tried already – and check your Use. Try to be aware of exercise, whether the Exercise is good for you and your body or not. If one of the techniques helps you, then keep this. What you find of little use, or even stressful, leave out from now on.

Important: you will Learn obstinacy and disobedience. Make it a habit to decide on the tips that you give them in relation to chronic pain. Always ask yourself: is good for me, really? Then it is fine. It does not fit? Then let it be. This insubordination rule is for pain patients is especially important. Because sometimes you do not know properly what is good for your body and yourself. On the other, because they are often trimmed to external health programs, such as schools, Back – the only help is a part of the person Concerned. You learn so to depend in the matter of relaxation from now on, according to their own physical and emotional needs.

The insubordination rule is, of course, for all of the Exercises in this Coaching. What is described here, is intended as a suggestion, but can also be rejected. Always if you can’t find a task, unit, or Exercise suitable for yourself, do you instead prefer one that you found, so far, been beneficial and useful. You take this freedom.

To each output LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE a practical, easy to implement Online Coaching suitable to its respective folder theme.

Each Coaching session lasts eight weeks. During this time, you will always receive on Friday by E-Mail a exercise unit that can help you to make your life better. Here is the Newsletter:

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