Why the new Corona quick test of the Bosch is only a drop on the hot stone

The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world: Almost half a Million registered are Infected around the globe. The spread of the Virus to contain, many countries decided to curfews. To prevent the infection from person to person. At least as important is a further measure in the fight against the Virus: a comprehensive test is in the opinion of many experts, but.

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Tests on a Sars-CoV-2 are useful for several reasons: firstly, they provide information about the actual infection to happen. The more Tests are performed, the more infections will be detected. At the same time, the dark figure drops. Especially in the case of a Virus such as Sars-CoV-2 epidemiologists from a high number of non-documented infections from go. A diagnosed case, up to ten undetected infections could come, experts estimate. What is the reason?

Infection with Coronavirus is often mild, in some cases even without symptoms. This makes it almost impossible, solely on the basis of the symptoms of all infections detected. Is now tested only slightly Diseased positive to Sars-CoV-2, can go the contact persons in quarantine. This also prevents further spread of the pathogen.

Germany tests often on Coronavirus

In Germany there is a comparatively tested often on the Coronavirus. In a week there is capacity of more than 250,000 Tests. The resources are not unlimited. “We have to test large capacity, but not enough to 83 million through,” said Andreas streets, the chief of the physicians ‘ Association at a press conference.

As the gold standard for the detection of the pathogen by PCR method. The sample of a patient is tested directly on the genotype of the pathogen. The PCR Test suggests that already in the earliest stage of infection – but usually only in larger teaching hospitals or laboratories have the appropriate equipment. Already available to the body-Tests have a major drawback: you have to test not to the pathogen itself but by the immune system formed antibodies. The result is, therefore, only after a few days of illness will not be meaningful. Is tested early, are not yet detectable antibody – the result is false-negative.

Workaround is now to create a Covid-19-quick test from the house of Bosch. The method is based on an analysis device with special test cartridges. Tested going directly to the virus genome, said a spokeswoman for the star. Also the evidence of nine other agents was not possible, including Influenza viruses, Rhino -, and adenoviruses. They lead similar to Sars-CoV-2 to symptoms of the respiratory tract.

According to the press release, the device could come in the house doctor’s offices and clinics. An advantage is that “directly” tested could be. The sample is inserted in the test cartridge, which, in turn, is evaluated in the analysis device. Until the result was available, it took less than two and a half hours. For comparison: The conventional detection in the laboratory takes approximately four to five hours. Because sample material, however, must often, even the way of delivery, be able to pass quickly also 24 to 48 hours.

“The Covid-19-quick test of the Bosch contributes to the spread of the pandemic and to halt the chain of Infection break faster”, is Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Bosch Board of management is quoted as saying. Nevertheless, many questions are open.

Corona – quickly test many open questions

Although the device itself already “available”, explained a Bosch spokesperson at the request of the star. The special test cartridges, however, were not yet approved. We expect, however, that the Test as of April is available. The cost for a single test cartridge according to Bosch’s spokeswoman “in a higher two-digit range”. To be able to have the Material evaluated, however, is an analytical device is required. How much this will cost, is unclear. The spokesperson referred to the sales partner.

According to Bosch, a single device can evaluate, within 24 hours, up to ten samples. But this is only possible, if the lab layer is occupied day and night. Each individual cartridge is a must-by Hand – and re-designed. Modern PCR test devices can often evaluate multiple samples at once.

According to the press release, the accuracy of the device is “about 95 percent”. Ask how often the System gives false Alarm, or how many infections are overlooked it, didn’t want to answer, Bosch, according to the German press Agency. These data are, however, essential to be able to evaluate how well the Test works. Even a single overlooked infection can have many subsequent infections to.

Roland Stahl, spokesman for the cash-medical Federal Union sees a further Problem: The Test was not yet in the “broad mass” is applicable. In the current Tests, it is a matter of mass testing. In comparison, the Bosch device has little capacity – large-scale Tests were therefore not possible. The capacity, however, would increase, whether the device is as an Alternative conceivable.

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