Who can test? Who pays for it? This has changed for the Corona-testing

While the public life is slowly coming back into gear, and the Corona case numbers continue to fall, it labs and in the test always quiet. Too quiet, you might say. Even though there are about a Million Tests per week would be possible, to be exhausted, the capacity is only about one-third, such as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported. A surface of the deck could prevent the end of testing, a second wave of Infection in Germany – especially now, since the meeting places re-fill. Why can so few people test it?


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Who can currently test should

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the hurdles for a Test, admittedly, quite high. Everywhere you hear of suspected cases, the contact to the infected people had, but nowhere could experiment with. The labs needed time to the current capacities. Now the Stand is another, and also the prerequisites for a Test have been relaxed by the RKI significantly. Any respiratory disease with common symptoms such as cough or fever, according to the Institute’s reason enough to be on corona viruses tested. In an info sheet for Doctors to the RKI identifies three basic test criteria:

Where do I sign up?

Meet one or more of these points apply to you, you should take the test. For this you need to sign up by phone with the family doctor, the health Department or the medical on-call service (under the case number: 116 117). Your family doctor or the Doctors at the health office and the on-call service to decide on the basis of a short telephone consultation, to know if a Corona-Test is useful and necessary. This is the case, they are conveyed to a testing center, or get an appointment for a home visit.

What can I do, if I refused a Test?

Not all Doctors are well informed or have enough time, the complaints of their patients on the phone, in perspective. Even the official sites of the Federal States refer in part on outdated test criteria, as in the case of the state of lower Saxony. On the page it is still contact with an Infected, or certain pre-existing conditions were necessary to carry out a Test (as of: 10.06.20, 15).

If you are refused a Test, you should rely on the current test criteria of the RKI (listed above). You can also use the Application through the Department of health or the medical emergency service should be your doctor your concerns. Many States have also established special Corona Hotlines, the information is ready and in such cases can help.

Who pays for the Corona Test?

Once anticipated: no one wants to be tested, you must pay for this Test with its own resources. From a regulation, the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, published on Tuesday, shows this clearly. So far, Tests on Covid have been paid to 19 of the statutory health insurance funds, if the end of the Test, the typical symptoms. According to the new decisions with retroactive effect from 14 may. May be taken from the laboratory cost for testing people who show no symptoms. Thus, Spahn paves the way for comprehensive testing in health facilities, schools and day care centers. In schools and day care centers test should be performed if at least one Corona-the case has been confirmed within the facility. For nursing homes, preventive series of tests can be prescribed without a well-known case. If a range test is carried out, the competent health office. In hospitals shall be tested under the new regulation specifically, each newly trained Patient preventive.

Private tested patients now at the expense of the statutory health insurance?

The Ministry of health puts the cost of new, preventive series of tests exclusively in the hands of the statutory health insurance funds. Private health insurance and Non-Insured are excluded from the cost of acquisition.

For the statutory health insurance, the financial burden is correspondingly huge. As a press spokesman for the techniker Krankenkasse reports on demand, the Legal for a reimbursement of these costs by the state. The Corona pandemic has been made now for a considerable expenditure on the part of the health insurance companies and could lead in the coming year to a significant increase in contributions.

What is a Corona cost Test?

For each Test package 50,50 euros will be charged. These costs include costs of the nucleic acid detection of the beta-Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, as well as the medical laboratory services, shipping materials and transport.

Sources: Robert Koch Institute, Federal Ministry of health, the German family doctors ‘ Association, health insurance company, techniker

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