What time is doctor games go too far

“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine”: so-Called doctor games are common among children and are considered normal. But sometimes they go too far. In a Cologne daycare center’s two five-year-old other children to have harassed, sexually, by “peak Play” is, among other things, the speech. More to the allegations, you can read here.

Again and again children are displayed, because you have other children, out-of-print. 115 children under the age of 14 were accused of 2017, sexual Assault, assault or rape, the Police crime statistics. They make up about one percent of the suspects.

The developmental psychologist Bettina Schuhrke for years has dealt with body discovery and psychosexual development of children. In this Interview, she explains, when adults intervene.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: woman Schuhrke, five-year-old other children are ever sexually abused?

Bettina Schuhrke: I would not of abuse, because the planning requires. The children would have to consider how you get others to do what you want. To do this, you are not in the kindergarten age. Doctor games between children usually develop spontaneously. If such explorations go too far, I would speak of the Attacks.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: to what degree are doctor games among children is normal and harmless?

Schuhrke: it depends on what you as a normal understand. Something that is common or socially accepted? In the first case, I would say that playing doctor is normal. According to studies, approximately 30 to 40 percent of the small children’s sexual games with their peers. In the second case, it depends on the social Situation – in Germany, a doctor will be accepted games. Personally, I think children should be allowed to get to know your body.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: does sexuality Play in doctor play a role at all?

Schuhrke: doctor games, especially in the case of Three – to five-year typical. They just rarely scenes at the doctor. The collective term for games in which the children examine each other’s body and explore. Sexual satisfaction has to do mostly nothing. The kids want to look, in most cases, only because they are curious.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What are the limitations of such games does not exceed?

Schuhrke: Problematic is it, if the games are not reciprocal, and if a child is pressure, no matter whether physically or psychologically. By, for example, says: “If you don’t, you’re my friend.” Also if you have multiple children together and a single to put pressure on you, you need to adult intervention. This is also true for other games. Through the connection with the term ‘sexual’ is often a concern, which makes us overlook the fact that there are “Abuses” in the case of small children in a variety of forms, and that it is a pedagogical task, the rules for dealing with each other practice.

SPIEGEL ONLNE: What are the warning signs?

Schuhrke: If there is a big age difference there, should educators, doctor games, in any case, keep an eye on. Especially in the case of Younger age difference of a few years, and a child is clearly superior. Doctor games should by agreement take place. When a child fights back, should educators support it, if it can’t resolve the Situation yourself. Also of concern is the Readjustment of actions, which are clearly of adult sexuality. In such cases, it must be clarified where children have the, whether you come, for example, pornography or, in extreme cases, even sexually abused. It also acts go too far, in which children could be hurt.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How can parents and educators best doctor games react?

Schuhrke: kindergartens should the sexual interest of children in their pedagogical concept record and also openly talk to the parents. And, if possible, before the first cases of doctor play will be discussed. The day-care centre should make it clear what behavior is problematic and what is not. Thus, parents are able to assess situations better. In General, Serenity is called for, and if warning signs occur, a more detailed analysis of the Situation is necessary. It is also conceivable for the age group appropriate sexual education, for example, with diagrams and names for all the parts of the body, including the genitals. Then the children are more able to recognize Attacks and address, even if you run out of adults.