What temperature should the water, so that it helps you lose weight – Video

A favourite diet tip from the Ayurvedic teachings: anyone Who wants to boost his Metabolism and digestion, in the morning, drink lukewarm water. But is it really? We have interviewed a nutritional expert after the actual health benefits of warm water.

Within my water challenge, I’m so above all: drink water. The question as to the perfect drinking temperature of water so some of the myths, Yes. Many people swear by the health Benefits of warm water.

It is supposed to stimulate the digestive

Peter Wagner from the German Institute of sports nutrition confirmed this: “Yes, it’s true, if someone has digestive problems, then the warm water helps to boost taken on an empty stomach, the intestinal activity.”

Lukewarm water will help you lose weight

Here are, according to Wagner two factors: Our body has a temperature of about 37 degrees. If a drink is particularly cold or particularly hot, you must expend the energy of the body, to heat the liquid or cool down. And when the body is expending energy, calories are burned.

Decisive, therefore, is not whether the water is cold or warm, but how far the temperature of 37 degrees, body temperature is removed. The greater the difference, the more energy is expended and calories are consumed.

They wanted to wean also a time of coffee, soft drinks or juice? Or you simply want to detoxify your body? Whatever drives you, let us together, the water challenge, because shared misery is half misery. Here you can join the water challenge-Facebook-group.

Warm water can relieve abdominal pain

That’s right, because in the case of pain, the muscles contract, leading to cramps. If you drink but warm water, warm tea, so the muscles relax again and the pain will go.

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