Tips for everyday life in Isolation, How can you arrange for any assistance

The Coronavirus has arrived in Germany. Schools are closed and businesses send their employees increasingly to the home office.

You can do this, so that the isolated life will be easier.

The DRK Hessen recommends, despite the Home Office, and Home Schooling to get a regulated everyday life. To this end, accurate learning times for the children and working hours for the parents, for example. Also fixed common food periods are helpful, provided all the members are healthy.

Spatially, you should maintain at home the boundaries: That is the job of private space separate and to allow all people their privacy.

Exercises, common Relaxation time with Games or reading can help to combat depression. You can use a digital offering such as Fitness Apps or games.

You go to the fresh air, but not a lot of people. They ensure that your rooms are ventilated in the house fresh.

The Robert-Koch-Institute recommends activities in the coming weeks to plan ahead. You arrange, for example, to walk “at a distance”. Are you looking for Alternatives to the use of public transport and set up, for example, carpooling.


The exception time makes it all the more important that people give, as a community, care of each other. On neighborhood portals such as or Online lists will be organized in the network help. In Berlin, the side corona port, for example, provides an Overview of helpers in the Region.

In Hamburg there is the Facebook group corona the help of Hamburg:

Also in Cologne on the Facebook groups “corona-help group in Cologne” and “Corona child care &Neighborhood help Cologne“ first groups organized.


With a notice Board in the hallway, you can offer Elderly or people with circulatory pre-existing conditions, the Corona-risk group, your help. Specify in the notice of charges, what support do you offer and how you can contact you best.