These are the 10 simple rules, which you can use to your risk of cancer lowering

Cancer is a of diseases, of the fear the Germans the most. Everyone knows to be Concerned, your friends or known circle. The good news is that those Who observe a few simple rules that can reduce the risk of cancer significantly.

Up to 50 percent of all cancers are attributable to an unhealthy life style – appreciate, experts from the German cancer research Institute (DKFZ). That is to say: Everyone can do some things to prevent.

Cancer experts from across Europe have the so-called European cancer code created. If you have these ten Anti-cancer rules take heed, this is of course not a guarantee, not a Tumor to die. However, you can reduce your risk of cancer many times over.

1. You don’t smoke

The risk factor number one is, and the tobacco smoke. He is responsible for 19 percent of all people, the 2018 patients newly diagnosed with cancer. The countless carcinogenic substances not only increase the risk of lung cancer. With each cigarette, the risk for other tumors in the mouth rises and pharynx, stomach or esophagus, pancreas, urinary bladder, kidney.

Similar to passive at risk are smokers, so you should value a smoke-free environment.

By the way, it pays to become non-Smoking in any case: The body can repair the damage. The risk of lung cancer decreases, for example, after five years of stop Smoking by half.

2. Avoid Obesity

Almost as serious as Smoking, the risk of Obesity factor. That an increased percentage of body fat increases the risk for at least eleven types of cancer, the experts of the DKFZ as proven. Their estimates suggest that about seven percent of all cancers in Germany in the year 2018, the number of new diseases to Obesity.

Overweight increase your risk, especially colorectal cancer, esophagus cancer and breast cancer. The reason is the increasingly distributed hormones Insulin and Leptin, which promote tumor cell growth.

Here you will find the detailed brochure of the DKFZ as a Pdf!

3. You move on a daily basis

Often the excess pounds come from the lack of exercise. Overall, scientists estimate that this caused in Germany, six per cent of new Cancer cases in 2018.

Get up from the Couch or the office chair – the best of all 30 minutes: It is proven that physical activity or Sport reduces the risk of colon cancer, and probably breast and uterine body cancer.

The code advises at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense physical activity. What makes the whole thing easier: Also the house or garden work.

4. Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables

“Scientists estimate that in the year 2018, approximately eight percent of all cancer cases new cases on unhealthy eating habits lead to,” explain the experts of the DKFZ. Five a day – the recommendation of the German society for nutrition, which advises us to five servings of fruits and vegetables, is at the same time a simple Anti-cancer rule.

Who varied and fresh feeds, lowers risk for cancers in the oesophagus, stomach, intestine, and pancreas.