The arrangement of the secretion: authorities-decision shows what you need to do to be Concerned in quarantine

“This is a freedom restriction.” Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn not talked in the last week, not to beat around the Bush. Who is charged on suspicion of an infection with the Coronavirus under home quarantine, had. his right to freedom of movement to the right of the public to protection from diseases, subordinate The infection protection law see it – and so it was handled after the outbreak of the Virus in Germany, a thousand-fold.

The CDU-politician made it clear that Domestic quarantine is not a voluntary matter. “This is an official statement to stay at home, which is controlled by the health authorities.”

How is the domestic quarantine?

The objective of the measure is to prevent the spread of the Virus, or at least significantly slowing down. However, as the domestic quarantine expires, anyway? Need to feed Affected in complete Isolation from canned food? What should family members?

The outbreak of the disease

Day-care centres close? Are airports prepared? The 40 most pressing questions about the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is endemic in Germany and raises questions: Should you go to the doctor? Allowed workers to stay home, if the kindergarten makes sealing? Germany is facing a problem of Supply? The star answers.

Information about the notice, the alleged Infected the authorities. On several pages, the rights (few) and responsibilities (many) are in it during the 14-day quarantine listed. When the two weeks is the maximum duration of the incubation period, i.e. the period of possible infection to the appearance of the first symptoms.

Many obligations in the case of Coronavirus-suspected

The Robert Koch Institute for health authorities, a sample of the notice that is issued to the Concerned or similar. The “arrangement of the secretion in the so-called domestic quarantine” contains a whole series of rules and prohibitions, for example:

Who is put under home quarantine, you must also check his health regularly and documented:

Lung disease

Why the quarantine is the Coronavirus that is currently so important

Completely alone Affected do not need to be in home quarantine. For the non-avoidable interaction with other family or household members similarly, strict rules apply however:

The usual hygiene rules apply: When coughing and Sneezing, keep your distance, and the arm in front of the mouth and nose, regular and thorough washing of hands, touching of eyes, nose and mouth avoid. The apartment should be always well ventilated and regularly cleaned. Dishes, Laundry, and personal hygiene products should not be used with other and also cleaned thoroughly divided.

The supply with food and other necessary articles should, if possible, neighbors or Acquaintances assumed, informed the Robert Koch-Institute, in addition to a leaflet. If this is not possible, they should be Concerned, inform the competent health authority. With the authorities regular contact was in home quarantine anyway: “The health Department will report on a daily basis and the domestic quarantine and their health status check,” it says in the pattern to know.

In the district of Heinsberg, which is a focus of the Coronavirus infection, the first 600 to 700 residents, the domestic quarantine behind. You could leave on the weekend of their homes and take part in public life. Problems with the “arrangement of the discharge” were not reported. So far, the domestic quarantine was always by consensus, it was found last week at the press conference of the Minister of health Spahn.

The Federal office for population protection and disaster assistance (BBK), it is recommended to create each budget a stockpile for a period of ten days, in order to possible supply shortages as a result of natural disasters or longer-lasting power to be default prepared, regardless of the spread of the Coronavirus. This includes per Person:

20 Liters Of Drinking Water

And if it’s not? Then need to add the Concerned anyway. “Contradiction and contestation complaint against the above-mentioned measures do not have suspensive effect.” Thus, the pattern of know ends. Violations of the arranged in the in-home quarantine can be punished according to the infection protection act, even with several years in prison – a far more drastic Form of freedom restriction as the domestic quarantine.

Sources: Robert Koch Institute, infection protection law, the DPA news Agency

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