That’s why slaughterhouses are so badly affected by Corona

It was a frightening message: About 300 employees of a slaughterhouse from Muller meats to have with the Coronavirus infected. But the slaughterhouse is not the only one. In Germany the cases of Butchers that have been infected with the Virus are on the increase – and even international slaughterhouses reports of problems. Researchers are now trying to find the exact reasons. And suspect in slaughterhouses is a particularly fatal combination of conditions.

The extent of the phenomenon surprised. More than 600 cases of infected slaughterhouse employees in Germany, reported the “mirror”. In Schleswig-Holstein are to be tested, therefore, all slaughterhouse employees. In the USA there are considerably more. According to “Wired” to be affected more than 5000 workers in 19 States. In Iowa and South Dakota, a fifth of all workers have to be sick in slaughterhouses. Further reports of clusters in the meat industry, one finds, therefore, from Brazil, Spain, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Animal husbandry

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In search of explanations

But why is that exactly? “If there is one, two or three businesses would be the you would expect somehow. But these outbreaks are clearly a global phenomenon,” said Nicholas Christakis compared to “Wired”. He directs the Human Nature Lab at the established elite, Yale University. “For me, this is a proof that there are any specific tasks in slaughterhouses, which increases the risk for the parties Involved in developing Covid-19.”

The exact causes are not yet clear, but there are suspected points. The US health authority CDC suspected about the fast, physically demanding work in close proximity to the colleagues as a decisive factor. Because you would be breathing hard, not even given the protection of a mask is often sufficient. The authority therefore recommends the companies to cut production in order to allow more distance between the Butchers and a lower work load.

The slaughter houses even suspected to promote with your specific conditions, particularly the spread of the Virus. You are strongly cooled, ventilation systems ensure a strong movement of the air in the room. “At low temperatures the Virus can survive longer outside the body”, quoted by “Wired” a chemical engineer, examined with a special device, the distribution of aerosols in slaughterhouses. “The risk of infection is increased in these plants.” Should the spread of the Coronavirus on air – which is not yet finally clarified, it would stations in battle with their ventilation systems is developing rapidly in space can spread.

Auxiliary worker in a confined space

Much more important, however, the socio-economic Background of most of the employees could be in slaughterhouses. It is primarily a physical, relatively low-paid work, which is disproportionately done by migrants or unskilled workers. Many of the butcher’s life in the USA in a confined space with each other, to part hours with the Bus together to work and have a high risk of infection, according to “Wired”.

In Germany, too, is widespread, confirmed the “mirror”-report. Especially Romanian labourers have been taken, therefore, mounted. So about the contract workers of the company Vion lived together in a small two-bed rooms of a former military barracks, which were actually meant for families. In the case of Müller meat up to 16 employees are expected to be in a dilapidated 117-square-meter apartment lived. Since the age of 16. April applicable work rules protect a property, complained Katja Mast, SPD Deputy of the Bundestag, the Chairman, in front of the magazine.

So far, the effects of the Corona are in crisis in the battle is not operating, this country is still in a supermarket to feel. In the USA, the picture is quite different. Numerous Restaurants in the Burger chain, 5 Guys went out, according to “Wired” already, the beef for the meatballs. In Chicago Burger chains to contend with lack of supplies, writes the “world”. Because only a half million cattle were slaughtered in the week, fired the, of all things, the meat-free competition: The vegan Burger by Beyond Meat experience a bigger Boom than before the crisis.

Sources: Wired, Mirror, World

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