Sweatcoin-App paid you for the Run – but there’s a catch

For physical exercise in leisure time have to be paid? Sounds too good to be true. A new Fitness App makes it now possible: 'Sweatcoin' works with its own virtual currency that can be collected at each step and then for products or fee-based activities redeemed.

The concept is booming: 'Sweatcoin' currently more Downloads than classics such as WhatsApp and Instagram. But, beware of the Deals to benefit, you need to give the user sensitive data.

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What is behind 'Sweatcoin'?

The Good first: The App is free in the App Store to download. Then the first hurdle is revealed, however: Prior to the use of a number of personal data is requested.

Only your Name, E-Mail address and date of birth do not belong, also his phone number you should specify. In addition, you should agree to the collection of location and fitness data.

Note: on the Basis of the data, the developers could have trackers like Fitness -theoretically, a movement to create a profile.

You agreed to the begin-aside, the collection is fun: The App counts using a proprietary algorithm, the distance traveled in the open. Indoor Workouts such as treadmill trainingund co. are not included, of course.

Be counted currently, about 65 percent of the steps taken to prevent fraud attempts. The developers want to increase the Percentage, however, in perspective.

Who wants to get more Coins, you must pay

Generally speaking, For every 1000 steps you get in the standard version 0.95 to sweat coins. The only drawback: In the standard version you can only 5 sweat coins per day "erschwitzen". If that’s not enough, you must use the payment subject to a Premium Version, in order to increase the daily Limit.

Also, who puts on a great Shopping-yield, must practice patience, Valuable bonuses such as for example an iPhone 8, only have 20,000 Coins.

Who would not want to wait that long, be rewarded with much lower premiums, such as Paypal balance, yoga classes, or discounts on various fashion brands. In addition, users can donate their virtual coins to partner organisations for a good cause.

Julia Are