Strength training makes for a healthy heart

How much muscle mass a healthy man in middle age, depends on its future risk for heart disease. This shows a study in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. As a result, a Training to maintain the muscle mass could be an investment in a heart-healthy future.

From the middle of 30 the muscle mass per decade of life decreases by about three percent. Already studies have shown that muscle mass is associated with the risk for heart attacks and strokes together. You can also say the subsequent risk of cardiovascular disease previously, has now been demonstrated by a long-term study.

During the period of observation was from ten years under the of 1,019 participants aged 45 to 272 cases of cardiovascular disease, while men were four times more likely to be affected. The fewest cases occurred in persons who were part of the beginning of the study to the third with the highest muscle mass: your risk for a heart attack or stroke was 81 percent lower than in the case of the persons belonging to the lower third.

Results showed only für Mämen

When examining the relationship between muscle mass and the subsequent risk of cardiovascular diseases regardless of diet, income, level of education, Diabetes and other known risk factors, but only in men over 45 years of age. This may be due to the higher muscle volume in men and hormonal differences between the sexes in the aging process can be explained.

The researchers suggest that regular physical activity, strength training and a protein-rich diet can help to maintain the muscle mass and the risk for subsequent cardiovascular reduce disease.