Stiftung Warentest examines sun creams: The winner of the test is cheap and very good

Good quality need not be expensive: the current sun cream proves once again-Check Stiftung Warentest. The auditors have taken 19 of the creams, lotions and Sprays with SPF 30, 50, and 50 under the magnifying glass. The result is positive: Almost all of the products offer reliable protection from harmful UV rays. Six products are cut even “very good”. Only two sun protection products fall through with a “defective”.

The winner of the test is the “dm Sundance sun milk” (test score of 1.3). You are already there for a 1.23 Euro per 100 milliliters. Hardly bad the “Elkos Sun sun milk cut off” from Edeka (test score of 1.4). It is even slightly cheaper and 1.10 Euro per 100 milliliters.

Stiftung Warentest examines sunscreen – these are the tail lights

The conclusion of the lights in the Test are ironically two expensive products. Under the test progress according to the specified sun protection factor and will be devalued because of that. The “Speick sun cream” is one of the most expensive in the Test (21,70 Euro per 100 milliliters) and receives a “Deficient”. The sun spray “The Ritual of Karma Sun Protection Milky Spray” of Ritual also contains the fragrance material Lilial, the testers are critical. He is suspected to affect the reproductive ability, or to alter the Ergbut. “Thus, it remains uncertain whether, and in what concentrations Lilial in cosmetic products is safe,” writes Stiftung Warentest.

In the current test report of the auditor on the premises of the myths around healthy tan, and stress the importance of delicious Cream is. This they illustrate with an example calculation: A 1.80 Meter tall Person needs about 40 milliliters of sunscreen for the entire body – the equivalent of three tablespoons. “In the case of sun exposure per day, a 200-Milliliter bottle is sufficient for five days – maximum: As in bathing, Drying, and protection of sweat is lost, should always be nachgecremt.”

The complete test results are available for a fee here.