Social Isolation: Now is the hour of the Introverted beats

It feels like a giant social experiment and we are all the subjects of the hundreds of millions of people in Germany, in Europe, in the whole world are more or less doomed to stay alone in their homes. The spread of the Coronavirus curb and to slow down, to leave one’s own four walls as rarely as possible, and to direct social contacts outside the own household without. First of all, these were only recommendations, and since then the “rules”, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear: Besides Germany, many other countries, strict output, have adopted restrictions.


Corona and our soul – what can we do against the fear?

For most people life is changing so radically. No events, no appointments, no Meetings with friends, a lot of work from the home office and more see your colleagues. Instead: get plenty of rest, much time, much to be alone. How to deal with them, depends very much of your own personality. Particularly important is the question of whether someone of his disposition is more of an introvert or an extrovert is.

Introverts need the quiet, Extroverts love Action

Almost exactly a century ago, the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung introduced this distinction in the psychology. The two terms refer to contrasting natures of perception, thought and feeling. Introverts are often quiet and reserved, you often observe rather than to act. Above all, they place life-sized value to your interior: you like to read, think, reflect on themselves and their environment. The interaction with other people is for quickly exhausting, Introverts need silence to your battery to recharge.

Extroverts draw their energy primarily from the presence of other people: they love big groups, like the center, often have a high need to communicate and are very active. So Extroverts, by nature, faster to the attention of the environment on themselves. This personality profile is in the company often desirable: The author Susan Cain who has written the best-selling “Quiet” (German title: “Still”) to the subject, speaks of an “extrovert Ideal” – especially in the USA, but also in large Parts of the rest of the Western world.

Introversion is treated often as a “character trait of the second class”, “somewhere between a disappointment and a disease,” writes Cain. Introverts often feel that they have to be cured of this property. But now, in the midst of the enforced social Isolation, the tables are turned: It is the hour of Introspective beats.

Social Isolation: the Introverts advantage

Likely to be significantly better with the Situation than Extroverts. “I’ve trained my whole life”, write to people who have already spent like a lot of time in your own four walls, on Twitter. For Introverts, this slowing down to feel, first of all, well, confirmed Coachin and author Sylvia Löhken, who has written several books on the subject. The latent social pressure, to meet constantly with other people or Events, falls away. The “FOMO”phenomenon, so the constant fear to miss something (“Fear of missing out”), done in these days.

However, the social Isolation in the face of the Corona-crisis has also a dark side, says Löhken on – starrequest. “Introverts tend to safety. This Situation is completely uncertain, nobody knows how it goes.” So it can happen quickly, that for this group the fear of the Coronavirus and its consequences takes over. As a second Problem Löhken sees the lack of possibilities to retreat, for example, within families, which spend a lot of time in a confined space with each other: “to be alone is actually a fiction, the people hanging out on the Pelle.” Ways to come to rest, there is hardly.

Löhken to advises in such cases, especially the One-to-seek-One communication – this is Introverted anyway, rather than Talking in the group. “You should systematically consider: Where can I get help and avoid risks? Where is my security?” The Introvert is usually not the variety of social contacts, but the intense relationship with a few Trusted, which is grown over a long time.

Extroverted the communication is missing – but there are Alternatives

For Extroverts, the time of social Isolation can not end quickly enough. “For you, it is a Horror to go in the stimulation of poverty,” says expert Löhken. “It is a tough Situation.” For people who are usually dependent on stimuli from the outside, there is a growing threat to seed the Social Distancing of the Association. You need to find other ways to recharge your batteries.


A student reported from Wuhan: "The Situation is much worse, as the state media schildern"

“Communication, communication, communication,” advises Sylvia Löhken you. Fortunately, the much-cited “contact prohibition is not meant” literally – in addition to the now prohibited physical contacts, there are digital different ways, nevertheless, the communication with other people to maintain. For this, Social Media platforms, as well as video conferences are suitable, while Introverts communicate better in writing. In General, media use was a way to distract yourself and to escape boredom – for example, by means of series look.

For all, the Situation is completely new. And even if the social Isolation Introverted seems to be, by nature, more: The retreat is not chosen in this case, but imposed from the outside. And no one knows how long it will take. Also, the introver most person is likely to suffer after some time, a Koller. And possibly also some of the more Extroverted learn to appreciate the peace and quiet. We probably all know at the end of this time a lot about ourselves.

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