Sick of doing Stress – the warning signs

Everyone is familiar with Stress. But when he is unhealthy? To recognize this, rarely succeeds.

Actually, Stress has the task to prepare body and mind for the special challenges. For this, he puts everything in a state of exception: “It is physical and mental reserves to be mobilized,” says Christa Roth-Sackenheim, Chairperson of the professional Association of German psychiatrists.

The concentration, of the blood pressure and blood sugar levels rise. At the same time increased stress hormones. Normally, the body returns to normal functioning when the request is over. This does not happen, makes the Stress on the duration of sick.

“Then this alarm system is triggered all the time, and it comes in a kind of Hyperarousal,” says Roth-Sackenheim, a specialist in neurology and psychiatry. The consequences include increased blood pressure, Diabetes, headaches, metabolism of fat permanently, sleep and digestive disorders.

The first warning signs to recognize

It is so far, it is important to recognize the first warning signs. “Many people have the impression that to work just yet,” says Sabine No, Life – and-Burn-out-in Coach from Cologne. The mood reflects the stress level: “You are irritable, broods at night, is lacking in motivation, can shut down, neglected friends and family.”

Anyone who takes this evidence seriously, and protects his body. “Burn-out, or the level of Overload before the actual Burn-out never comes suddenly, but announces always many symptoms and mostly on for years,” says No one. “However, most of us are masters of it, to displace it over a long period of time.”

What causes negative Stress differs from Person to Person. “To find out what is charged as strong, it is first good to write the own feeling of Stress,” says Laura Letschert, Coach from Höhr-grenzhausen. “How does it feel in the body when I’m in Stress?”

Following Letschert advises one to two weeks, the feeling of Stress in different situations, on a scale of 1 to 10 to classify and in a stress diary. “If I know what Stress feels like for me and how strong this sensation occurs, I can derive the biggest stressors.”

Letschert advises then, the Stress-triggers in three types to divide: “Some I can influence to 100%, others I can influence, the third area can’t be me influence.” This makes it possible, first of all, in the points schedule, which you yourself in the Hand.

Movement reduces stress hormones

“Who provides well for themselves, it changes the weight of the stressors in the other areas,” says Laura Letschert. In the case of things which are unchangeable, you should try something to let go. “Also, the again takes a bit of Stress,” says the expert. “If I know that I can’t change some circumstances, but perhaps, in my own way.”

Apart from this, there are a lot of opportunities, feelings of Stress in everyday life reduce: “it is Important to take regular time for exercise,” says Burn-out Coach, Sabine No. “There’s a good brisk walk every day is enough.” Solely by the movement of the body reduces stress hormones. Relaxation techniques such as Meditation, Tai Chi or Progressive muscle relaxation can help.

“Another important factor is to take time for themselves and their own needs,” says No one. You should find out what it is that makes a lot of fun and energy. “Generally speaking, it is good, once its own energy management,” advises the expert. “Because most of us don’t go around much too generous with your energy – but enough that each battery needs to be recharged.”

Positive Stress, there is not in the opinion of the expert. Instead, they speak of the Flow-feeling: “I find myself in a Situation that calls for me is sufficient, but not overwhelmed. I can master the challenge, forget the time, have fun, and it flows.” Some people also say of themselves that they need a certain amount of pressure to perform tasks – this is where Stress can be so to a certain extent, beneficial. “However, in these cases, the pressure must not be too strong and for too long, because he has a usual.”