Risk of accident: the circular saw is better without gloves

The hands are particularly at risk in the home improvement. But not always, work gloves provide the best protection. On the contrary, anyone Who works with the drill or circular saw, can be hurt through the gloves even hard.

Who is using electric rotary tools, dispensed better on gloves. Because a drill bit covered in a glove, and afterwards he pulls out the Finger and can hurt him hard, or tearing. Afterwards, Dr. Thomas Brockamp prevention expert of the German society for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery (DGOU).

"Amputation injuries to several fingers, unfortunately, are not uncommon when it came to an accident with the circular saw ist", Brockamp says. Serious in addition, demolition of injuries. In this case, only the glove will be pulled into the saw blade, without the Finger itself has direct contact with the saw blade. "The Finger is then through the train of the glove formally abgerissen", according to the expert.

Thus, caution is advised when working on machines that have a Hand accessible to the rotation source, such as, for example, the circular saw or the power drill. Also in the case of machines in which the work area is not well-viewed, or due to the faster rotating or repetitive work processes is confusing, should be considered the Wearing of gloves is critical.

Useful gloves if Work is to be carried out, in which the Hand itself as a "Werkzeug" must be used, for example, when working in the garden or when Working with materials with chemical substances. In addition, it is important that gloves have just the right size and not to wide and loose at the Hand to be worn.


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