Popular foods contain too much fat, sugar and salt

Too little fiber, and too much sugar, salt and fat: This is the result of a study by the European Commission, in the packaged food, which are often sold in the EU, on the basis of nutritional standards were assessed. Especially for children up to two-thirds of the food were unsuitable.

Scientists have studied the nutrient composition of 2.691 products in five product categories (Breakfast cereals, ready meals, processed meat, processed seafood and yogurt). This showed that up to two-thirds of all the examined products were unhealthy, and especially not for marketing to children. The most common reasons were:

  • Breakfast cereals and yogurt containing sugar
  • processed meat, processed seafood, and ready meals contained too much salt
  • Breakfast fiber had flakes enough
  • Yogurt was too rich in saturated fatty acids

Too much saturated fat, sugar and salt and too little fiber contributes substantially to the Occurrence of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer and type 2 Diabetes in Europe.

In the fight for better nutrition, the EU obliged the member States that children are exposed to advertising for unhealthy foods and drinks. That so many products have been assessed as unsuitable, the study’s authors is a cause for concern and declare may, in part, the high number of obese children, as well as the burden of chronic diseases. At the EU level, member States and interest groups, therefore, are working on it already, that the nutrient content of foods is changed, for example, by setting upper limits for salt, fat or sugar. The study shows that efforts be to a greater extent may be required.