Patient education: How to measure the blood pressure correctly

Most of the time he is discovered by accident. About wäduring a routine examination at the family doctor. High blood pressure is therefore regarded among professionals as a "silent Killer". He prepares a few complaints, the consequences of füthe patients often show spät – however, not infrequently, dramatically. For example, when a heart attack threatened the life. Or the hurts Go, because Blutgefäße are clogged in the legs.

German People Disease

The so-called hypertension, is a common disease. In Germany, approximately 28 percent of the Bev&ouml had in the year 2016;people with this health problem to käfighting, such as the Barmer health insurance Fund jüngst announced. On hämost common people in the East of the Republic are affected: In Saxony-Anhalt, the &Auml diagnosed;doctors, around 35 percent of the Bevöpopulation to high values, in Bremen, however, at about 24 percent.

The disease approach active

The good news is that high blood pressure lässt in General, through medication and a healthy lifestyle stabilize. Who good üabout the disease, its course a Stück-wide influence.

Therefore, Ines Petzold is trying to convey to their patients to Know more. The nurse at the Stämunicipal hospital Dresden-Friedrichstadt for the German high pressure League as hypertension-assistant to make and klärt in special patient training üabout the disease – and darüabout what you yourself do köcan.

What can those Affected do köcan

To gehört, among other things, the correct self-measurement. Because the values regelmäßto control ig, the measurement results of the doctor can erg&auml useful;coins. In the courses of Ines Petzold, the participants learn to play the role. You ­determine each other’s values, listen to the throbbing of the pressure in your Blutgefäßen with a stethoscope.

Many take this Geräwhew, whew, for the first Time in her life, real true. "Thus, you will learn a Gefühl für ­to develop your blood pressure, even if it is not directly spüren", sister Petzold says sick. The most important rules für a error-free measurement: prior to the beginning of füfive minutes of sitting quietly, and the part of the arm where the cuff sits, wäduring the measurement on HerzhöHey.

Individual Self-Therapy

Yet Petzold has trained more than 400 patients. "The people pick from the Fülle of Möopportunities, üabout we speak out, what individually für you fit and what to implement in your everyday life köcan." On these pages four patients signs, have benefited from the training at the hospital in Dresden, Germany.

A großit is the topic in the seminars, the &Auml are;the youngest of those Affected. Anxiety about to the fact that the blood pressure is under load. Petzold tries to calm down: It was natüof course, that the value in köphysical Aktivität increases. The important thing is that he go a few minutes after the load back down.

Täpossible fluctuations

Some patients increase the self-measurement in übertriebenes control in behavior, a log of ten or more results per day and are alarmed, because they all vary. It is normal that the blood pressure varies. "He is not a constant value. Its Regulation is rather flexible and adapts to the life with his unterschied­requirements an", Professor Christoph Herrmann – Lingen of the Universit&auml says;t Gö- in ttings.

The psycho-cardiologist sees in the self measure, a Chance to make themselves aware of what factors affect the blood pressure. He rät, to measure this according to a briefing or training in the morning and in the evening. The value is good enough to control him, one to two Times per week.

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