Number of organ donors increased significantly

After a long downward trend in the number of life-saving organ donations in Germany increased again for the first time. Last year, 955 people left after her death, organs for other severely ill patients, such as the German Foundation for organ transplantation (DSO), announced. That was a Plus of almost 20 percent compared to 2017 797 donors, and the first major increase since 2010.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), told the German press Agency: “The rising Numbers are good, but not good enough.” Still 10,000 people waiting for a donor organ. Information campaigns showed the effect, he explained. But also, the more public debate about new organ donation rules to ensure that more people made thoughts on this topic.

The positive development after the low point of 2017 had emerged in the past few months. Specifically, were mediated by the 2018 registered 955 donors 3113 organs for transplants – including in 1607, kidney, 295 heart, 779 livers, 338 lungs, 91 pancreatic cancer, and three small intestines. Each donor gave an average of three severely ill patients a new chance at life, explained the DSO.

The German Foundation for patient protection, said it was a “light view”, but no success, the expensive advertising campaigns of the past few years. “The key to more organ donations is a good organization in the hospitals,” said Board Eugen Brysch.

New laws are to the number of organ donations increase more

“The Bundestag will advise in the next few months, about a number of laws, which are intended to set the conditions for more organ donations,” said Spahn. There are better conditions in the hospitals. On Thursday, the Minister brings in a bill in the Bundestag. Key points for higher remuneration by the health insurance companies and more representative space for Transplantation in the clinics.

Regardless of a discussion of new organ donation rules is in the Parliament-across party lines-to run. So far, withdrawals are allowed only when expressly declared consent, many to push the employment with this topic, but again and again.

Spahn advertises for a “double contradiction solution”. Therefore, each is automatically considered as a donor. You should be able to say this, but no, otherwise it would be as a double barrier to any questions members. In an open debate, broad reservations against such a reform had taken place in the Bundestag at the end of November.

A group around the Green-Chairman Anna Lena Baerbock and Left-Boss Katja Kipping proposes instead a binding recurring query about the Pick up of new passports or identity cards – with the Option to not decide yet.

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