Number of Ebola deaths exceeds 2000

For about a year, helpers fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo against the Ebola epidemic. Nevertheless, the number of people Affected continues to grow, now more than 2000 people died, more than 3,000 have been infected. The Congolese authorities announced on Friday. Thus, almost 80 people per week are diagnosed at the moment on average.

The outbreak affects mainly the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri in the East of the country. In the Region, a number of militias are active, even the helpers are always the target of armed attacks. In the population with rumors that Ebola does not exist and that the Doctors would steal blood and body parts for witchcraft circulating in addition. Also, the more difficult the work of the helpers.

The world health organization (WHO) described the Situation as one of the largest and most challenging humanitarian crises. They called for enhanced efforts to cope with the situation. There is an urgent need to strengthen the health system in place, said WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The neighboring country of Uganda: nine-year-old Ebola died

The affected Region lies in close proximity to Uganda. There had been reported on Friday, the fourth Ebola case. The Virus had been detected in a nine-year-old with her mother from the Congo entered the country was declared to the authorities. Health workers had detected the possible infection in the case of border controls and the girl isolated.

For this reason, should not be assumed that more people in Uganda have been infected, authorities said. The nine-year-old but could not be helped, she died last night. The authorities organize currently their safe transport back to the Congo so she can be buried with no more people to infect.

“There is a real risk that the epidemic will last at least another year,” writes the humanitarian organization “Save the Children” in a recent communication with relation to the case. Under the 2000 Victims of far more than 500 children. “We don’t want to count more deaths. The international community must provide new means to prevent the Virus from spreading in the Region more and more victims.”

Therapy with antibodies of Überlebendem

Hopes to prepare two experimental therapies. They worked at first Try so well that they should be offered to all patients in the Congo, they say. The therapies are based on the administration of antibodies, in the case of a medium, the anti-served body of a Survivor as a role model.

Patients were treated within a few days after infection, with the agent, survived 89 percent. In the case of the other funds, a Cocktail of different antibodies, it was even 94 percent. For comparison: Without the use of drugs, about 70 percent of the Infected die in the current outbreak.

In addition, an experimental vaccine, with around 200,000 people in the Congo were vaccinated exists. Was offered the resources, especially auxiliary workers and contacts of those Infected. In the first studies, the vaccination did not protect in 97.5 percent of cases of infection, is admitted to the but still.

The development of drugs and vaccines was nurtured after a devastating Ebola epidemic in West Africa 2014/2015, more than 11,000 people had died. The current outbreak in the Congo is the second largest ever documented outbreak of the deadly Virus.