Nature protects against metabolic syndrome

Who lives in a green area, has less to do with Obesity, high blood pressure, sugar and fat metabolic disorders, to fight. This shows a 14-year long-term study of more than 6,000 people from the UK. The common Occurrence of these disease pictures also referred to as the metabolic syndrome and is for the health of particularly risky.

Adults between 45 and 69 years of age, living surfaces in areas with lots of green, developed less metabolic syndrome than people who do not live close to the nature. A recent study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health shows. The observed Association was in women higher than in men. The metabolic syndrome is a major risk factor for a heart attack, type 2 Diabetes, or a stroke.

Reason could be according to the researchers, to be motivated to a green environment, more exercise, and Sport. Also, the burden of polluted air is in near-natural areas of low. "Women usually spend more time in their residential area, what are the gender-specific difference explain könnte", adds study author, Carmen de Keijzer. Your colleague Payam Dadvand brings it to the point: "We need greener cities, if we want healthier cities."

A recently also the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, a study has shown that the cognitive abilities of people who live in greener areas, degrade slower. Less Stress, a longer life span and better General and mental health are other benefits of a green environment, all of which were already occupied by scientific studies.