More than 30,000 measles cases and eleven Deaths in the Ukraine

In Ukraine, the number of measles cases continues to rise rapidly. Since the beginning of the year, more than 30,000 people have been infected with the potentially deadly Virus, said the Ministry of health. Eleven people have died in the time, most recently on Saturday, an eleven-year-old in the Western Ukrainian Rivne. Among the measles-were Diseased, therefore, 17,000 children.

Since 2017, the number of measles patients in Ukraine is increasing rapidly. In the past year had been infected in the state, more than 53,000 people, more than in any other European country. 16 Affected died. The Ukrainian authorities give two reasons for the enormous increase in the number of infections: vaccine shortages in previous years, and the refusal of measles vaccination by a section of the population.

The Ministry of health has been always keener to Call and awareness-raising campaigns, to move parents to vaccinate their children. Especially in the most affected regions around the cities of Lviv (Lviv) and Vinnytsia organized it for a few weeks, large-scale vaccination campaigns in the schools.

One of the most contagious viruses ever

In Europe to 2018 – mainly due to the outbreak in the Ukraine – so many people with measles are not more infected in the last ten years. The number of cases increased in Europe within a year to three times, reported the world health organization (WHO) in February. Compared with 2016 2018 would have been even 15 times as many people infected.

The measles Virus is among the most contagious pathogens. It spreads by droplet infection. Even if an Infected person has left a space that can hold the virus for up to two hours in the air. Add to that a contact with measles if not protected, people almost always leads to the outbreak of the disease. Of 100 people without Vaccinations who come in contact with the Virus, become ill 95.

Germany: measles outbreak at a school in Hildesheim

In comparison to the Ukraine only a few measles occur in Germany cases, however, people with the Virus in this country, still.

Currently, there are around allowed to visit after a measles outbreak at a school in Hildesheim in lower Saxony until the end of the week, only vaccinated students in the class. A total of 26 people are in the County since the beginning of the year to the measles disease. In Munich, the authorities called on at the end of last week non-vaccinated visitor to a McDonald’s to report, after the disease had broken out in the case of a member of staff.

Germany have been reported to the Robert Koch-Institute, in the first eight weeks of the year, 150 measles infections. In the prior-year period, there had been only 56 cases. 2017 had, however, infected in Germany almost 1,000 people with the measles, at the time, there were major outbreaks in Duisburg, Berlin and Cologne. 376 of the Patients had to be treated in the hospital.

Actually, had the WHO goal of measles in Europe by 2010, and eradicate. After this target was missed, it was 2015 set as the new date. Also, this goal could not be kept.