Measles cases worldwide has tripled

Between January and the end of July 2019, there were globally the highest number of reported measles cases since 2006 in the same period. Until the end of July, almost three Times as many as in the same period of last year, and more than the total year 2018 have been registered in 182 countries, according to preliminary Figures, almost 365,000 measles cases, such as the world health organization (WHO) reported in Geneva.

Measles are one of the most contagious diseases in the world. Affected are mostly children. The viruses are transmitted when Talking, coughing or Sneezing, on tiny droplets in the air. The disease starts with flu-like symptoms and later a characteristic rash accompanied by skin. The infection weakens the immune system immensely, more infections are so common.

Actually, the measles virus should be exterminated long ago

A dreaded result of an inflammation of the brain, the measles encephalitis which can be fatal or with permanent damage is. As a late result of measles infection is an inflammation of the nerve cells of the brain and of the spinal cord may form also after years of a so-called subacute sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE),. It leads to the failure of brain functions and finally to death.

Actually, the disease should be eradicated by consistent Vaccination by 2020. But in the past year, the number of measles had doubled cases. That there are fluctuations, is normal: Because the disease is so contagious, can a measles outbreak, the case numbers in the height fast. However, the measles were Numbers to 2016 worldwide decline.

One reason for the increase in Here is according to the WHO. The WHO leads to the avoidance of vaccinations, therefore, now as a global health threat. According to the WHO, the actual number of measles cases could be much higher because not all cases are reported. The latest WHO estimates, the true Figures are based on 2017. At the time, are probably sick of 6.7 million people, measles and 110,000 died.

Particularly of measles affected Africa’s outbreaks according to the WHO. The number of reported cases had increased in the first six months, compared to the prior year period, an increase of 900 per cent, in the Western Pacific region by 230 percent, according to the WHO. In the United States have been infected this year, so many people with measles since more than 25 years. The disease was seen in some Federal States already eradicated.

In the Europe Region increased the number of infections according to the WHO, around 120 percent. Among Europe, the researchers in addition to the EU, but also Russia, Turkey, Israel and in Asia, the countries of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. In Ukraine, the grass, the measles is focused particularly sharply.

540 cases in Germany

Also in Germany a marked increase in measles cases is characterized. After nearly 930 measles cases in 2017, have been reported, according to the Robert Koch Institute in the year 2018, approximately 540 cases. This year, several States have reported more measles cases than in the same period of the previous year.

According to a recent evaluation of the Barmer health insurance much less children against measles in Germany are vaccinated than previously thought. For a protective effect in the company’s immunisation rates of at least 95 percent would be necessary. According to the survey, but were immunized for any major infectious disease (such as measles, Mumps, or rubella) sufficient children, the vaccination rates were according to the cashier is consistently under 90 percent. In addition, there are many young adults who are not vaccinated sufficiently, and do not even know.

The Standing Committee on vaccination (Stiko) recommends vaccinating children at the age of eleven to 14 months for the first Time against measles. At the age of 15 to 23 months, the second dose should follow.

The Federal Cabinet has passed a law for a measles vaccination in Germany. As of March 2020, the parents must demonstrate, prior to the inclusion of their children in a nursery or school that they are vaccinated. The Bundestag must still approve it.

“Millions of people around the world are in danger,” said the WHO. She recommends travellers to check their vaccination status. From the age of six months, everyone should be, at the latest, vaccinated 15 days prior to travel to affected regions.

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