Losing weight with intermittent fasting: The Hirschhausen diet is now also available as an App

Swings is good for body and soul: By secretion of endorphins, it dampens the sensation of pain, slows the pulse, and relaxed in General. Today, however, the swing is empty. It’s attached to an exposed roof beams in the fourth floor of a former piano factory. Here in the Hamburg Schanze district, the “Greenhouse”. In the idea lab of the publishing house Gruner year, in which the star appears, sprout and thrive in new digital projects. Is focused the atmosphere, ten developers and designers sit in a meeting room behind a pane of glass, all look out onto a large flat screen. You work on your latest App: interval fasting with Eckart von hirschhausen. Just a “Sprint is scheduled for Review”: All of the 14 days, the level of development will be discussed. It still judders a little, “Bugs”, errors in programming, need to be tracked and resolved.

About a year ago, told Germany’s best-known doctor in his magazine, Dr. v. hirschhausen’s star HEALTHY LIFE, how he’s ten pounds lost. And although Eckart von Hirschhausen has not invented the interval of fasting, it makes since for a new food culture in the country: The “Hirschhausen diet” can help you to find more healthy lifestyle, to eat better and to lose long-term weight – without the Yo-Yo effect. “I would like to also! How did you manage that?” wanted to know a lot of readers.

Many had specific questions: Can I have a drink in the morning orange juice? I work in shifts, how should I fast? And what should I eat? Because the interval of the person is not fasting to the diet adjust, but Vice versa, because besides, everyone’s body reacts differently, arose the idea to develop an App with an individual Coaching program.

With intermittent fasting, Eckart took von hirschhausen ten kilograms of – and coined the term of “Hirschhausen diet”. Now there is the success of the program as an App. It combines the proven method of interval fasting with a Coaching of Germany’s best-known doctor.

The App for “Hirschhausen-diet” offers:

Curious? Here it goes directly to the App.

For weeks, everything revolves in the Greenhouse so the topic of nutrition and fasting. Developer and Designer, diet and health experts, the stareditorial staff, and Eckart von Hirschhausen together the program designed. Anna Wicher, Head of Product, has tried the principle of “16 to 8”: for sure, all of the meals within eight hours of eating and 16 hours. “It’s easy, I’ll pass on the Breakfast, in the morning, more time for Yoga and a Cup of tea,” she says, “this is working great. I sleep better, am more focused and have even lost a few pounds.”

The interval Timer is reminiscent of meal breaks

To access the seven-week program Eckart von hirschhausen tells how he himself came to fasting. In the coming weeks, he explains how the 16-to-8 method can be integrated in everyday life and what positive effects it develops in the body. He tells of the origins of the deliberate decision, and how to eat the body and the mind happy. In the process, he passes on his personal experiences, so that the user can bring through meal breaks and more mindfulness in your life. And he gives tips on how it is after the seven weeks you can go further.

In addition to the daily Audio units, the fast program offers a lot of background, What should I actually eat? And what should I drink? In addition, you will receive exercise sheets, motivation, exercises, recipes, and tips for meditation. The users can set their intervals individually. Practical: It is displayed immediately, if the intervals be too short or too long. On the Display you have a whole week at a glance and can enter also “cheat days” to be about at the weekend with the family to Breakfast or because of an invitation to lunch. Because these time-outs are allowed in the “hirschhausen-diet” explicitly.

Tips and Tricks for everyday life

On top of that, the App offers the function to Push message to remind you when it’s time to saturate for the fast phase. The Nudge will ensure that you get used to his life without constantly according to the clock, don’t need to calculate: How long may I? And during the seven weeks, the rhythm, the times you can set for yourself is, in everyday life.

Even if the principle of “eight hours of eating, 16 hours of not eating” sounds simple, can occur in everyday life problems. The feeling of Hunger in the first few days can be quickly overcome, but what to do for headaches? And how can it be that, despite all the Attempts of the stubborn love handles don’t want to melt? Where lurk the secret of Falling in everyday life, in the fall, perhaps again and again, without realizing it? Eckart von Hirschhausen is in the know and motivated to keep By means of. He also has tips on how you can explain to grandma or friends why you like at the buffet or have a drink with the not so alright.

Anna Wicher has found their own way of dealing with the topic of alcohol: In the evenings, where you don’t want any alcohol and not to discuss wants, why she is not drinking you water with cucumber or lemon slice: “Looks like a Gin and Tonic – and no one asks questions,” she says.