I’m autistic and don’t trust me because E-scooters little more out of the house

I have Asperger’s syndrome, a Form of autism. I live in Hamburg and am on the road a lot, mostly with the buses and trains of the Hamburg public transport network HVV. To stay fit, I very like to walk to my Meetings and appointments. Although I also have a driver’s license, I would not dare, however, in Hamburg’s traffic and drive the car. Even my Bicycle, I use only rarely. Participation in the inner-city, busy street traffic is very stressful for me. I shy away from risks, this is quite typical for autistic people.

Always been bike riders were not a Problem for me, as they behave most of the time than apply for the necessary laws of road traffic. It is almost daily that careless, negligent cyclists scare me, as you wipe suddenly and out of nowhere past me. Often enough there is almost a collision, since I can’t always respond quickly or Dodge. I’m a bit of a hassle, also the engine clumsy Japanese.

Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disorders, which are manifested, among other things, by a reduced interest in social contacts and a reduced understanding of social situations. Also, the language of assets may be impaired. The individual forms of autism differ in terms of symptoms, manifestations and degrees of severity.

Asperger’s syndrome is generally considered to be a more pronounced Form of autism. In certain areas of knowledge people can acquire with Asperger’s syndrome have amazing abilities, or feats of memory show. One then speaks of island talents.

Approximately one percent of all people in child, youth, and adults have an autism spectrum disorder. The most common Form of atypical autism, followed by early childhood autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Boys or men are three to four times more commonly affected than girls and women.

Source: neurologist and psychiatrist in the network

The jumble of pedestrians, dogs, vehicles, the colorful fireworks of acoustic and optical signals: All of this for me is a gruelling challenge. I find it hard to sort out the variety of perception of stimuli and to organize according to relevance and priority. If there are other hold – as I do – the traffic rules, it works quite well. This gives me the necessary frame of reference and helps me to keep track of them. I need clear rules. They shape and structure of my everyday life, also in other areas. You calm me down and are like a scaffolding that stabilizes me. It scares me and not upset me for hours, when it’s up and running as intended, if the familiar, safe procedure and is interrupted. I don’t understand why other people keep to the rules.

“I’m afraid of them as wasps”

The Situation has worsened massively for me, since the send E-are added to the Scooter. I feel you, as the madness on the streets. The mostly young scooter driver and hold, of course, also not always at the speed limit, and are also often faster than the cyclists. The transport behavior of many of the scooter riders is often provocative and bold: Multiple you Swing me quite deliberately, with a sporty researching “cool” to drive around, or even to a hair’s breadth striped – what put me in fear and anger.

I don’t dare to me and certainly to my purchases, and appointments in the city area. And if so, then I sneak around the walls of me, as close as possible to the house and walkway along edges (which recommended them to my pragmatic assessed supervisor to me). The cars are a Horror for me, require daily exercise the utmost vigilance, you annoy me, threaten me, I’m afraid of them as wasps. All these things meet now, even as the stumbling blocks that stand in busy pedestrian areas, often in the way or lie down.

I wish the nightmare would be over. Or at least that people were more considerate to other road users. There are sure a lot of people like me who are not up to the neumodernen Scooter-madness: out with the Old, the Sick, the other disabled. In my self-help group for adults on the autism spectrum (autConnect), which I founded and moderate, complain, in the meantime, some of the that you will experience the scooter as a burden. I think anyone who wants to be faster, to get to the objective, can go earlier.

About the author:

Frank Erik is 55 years old and lives in Hamburg. Frank Erik is not his real Name. Be the full Name of the editorial is known.

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