Hospitals crowded, 5G as a cause, more dangerous than Sars, the absurd false information to the Coronavirus

The only concern that he had given the novel Coronavirus, the many conspiracy theories in the Internet course, said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), after the first infection was confirmed in Germany. And Spahn later went even further: He had the impression that the author of the outside or inside and want to decompose the “debate in society”, he told RTL.

In fact: out of more reputable sources in the network on a bunch of weird theories, Hoaxes (false reports), the rumors. Who in the world, is in many cases unclear, as is the Motivation for the spread of misinformation. It makes the people just have fun? Do you want to spread the aware of the panic or Fears and prejudice? Or is it simply ignorance?

The only certainty is: The wrong messages find their recipients. Sometimes the articles and Videos will be retrieved by a thousand, and more widely, and can thus contribute to uncertainty. The star shows a selection of conspiracy theories and rumours and says, why you utter hogwash.

The role of Bill Gates

One of the richest men in the world should have known from the novel Coronavirus, before the beginning of the spread, even a Patent on the Virus have? Sounds absurd, it is also, however, the widely used nevertheless, on social networks and theories is one of the most popular conspiracy around the new Coronavirus.

Nonsense: The Bill Gates Foundation no 65 million deaths predicted

The starting point of the “Event, 201”, a pandemic Simulation, which was held in October, 2019 in New York. Organizer of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the world economic forum and the Foundation of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda were. The scenario: a fictional Coronavirus pandemic, leaders from business, politics and health should learn to respond appropriately to such a pandemic, the damage to the economy and society avert, wrote the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in October. Videos of the Simulation are accessible to the public.

The “Event 201” have not been explicitly forecast in the current Case, rather, the scenario was designed so that 65 million people could die, if no defensive measures against a pandemic will be worldwide in a coordinated, clarified the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the last week. “We predict that the outbreak of nCoV-2019 65 million people will kill.”

A second steep Thesis also deals with the Microsoft founder. He had secured about his Foundation for a Patent on the new Coronavirus nCoV-2019, to make the vaccine Fund.

It is a Patent from the year 2015, the Pirbright Institute, which has received, among other things, of the Bill-and-Melinda-Gates-Foundation of money. In fact, the Institute holds a Patent for the development of vaccines against an avian virus, also a Coronavirus (Patent for “Google Patents”).

The researches, however, have nothing to do with the new Coronavirus 2019-nCoV to. In immunology it is common for researchers to change the genetic makeup of pathogens to make them less dangerous. These are suitable for the production of vaccines. In it fragments of viruses, or pathogens themselves, in a milder Form. The vaccinated organism to develop defense mechanisms against the viruses.

According to information from the European patent office (EPO) has a Patent but no permission, “to use an invention to bring in the traffic, or – as in the case of drugs on the market,” said an EPA spokesman, the news Agency DPA.

A licensed vaccine against the new Coronavirus does not exist according to the Robert Koch-Institut, anyway, so it would be a bad business for Bill Gates.

Coronavirus out of control

A Video of the anonymous User’s “Ulysses” was since the upload date on may 23. January on Youtube alone now has more than 600,000 – it contains lies, distortions, Exaggerations. Some examples: The anonymous spokesman reported the information to him and in “the press will not be available”. The population should be reassured. For more information on his sources, he does not. The Creator of the Videos also spread the lie of a controlled press in the German-speaking area and beyond. The Coronavirus is, however, long been one of the dominant themes of television stations, Newspapers and online portals. A form of “Quiet down” of the population is not going to notice, rather, the authors of the “picture blog” of “image” fear-mongering throw around.

“The Coronavirus pandemic is far worse than people would have you believe. It’s much, much worse,” the spokesman for the the direction of. The truth is: the spread of The Coronavirus represents by no means a pandemic (according to the Definition of the Robert Koch Institute, a “worldwide epidemic”). According to the world health organization (WHO) is an “evolving epidemic Situation”, she has declared an “international health emergency” out. Of a pandemic, the speech is not, however, and it was not for the upload date of the video only.

Untrustworthy: The image is not in connection with the Coronavirus. It shows an Exercise in the past year

2019-nCoV was far more dangerous than the Sars Virus in 2002/2003, it says in the Video. During that pandemic, there was according to the WHO, approximately 8000 Infected and nearly 800 Deaths, the mortality rate stood at 9.6 percent. With the new Coronavirus have been infected, according to the Robert Koch Institute, so far 9928 people, 213 died (all deaths in China / Stand: 31. January 2020). The mortality rate is around two percent. The number can still go up – a receipt for a higher danger compared to the Sars outbreak, there is not yet.

“Certainly one is: There is no drug and the disease is not curable,” continues the spokesman. The Robert Koch Institute, explains: “A specific, that is against the novel Coronavirus self-directed therapy is currently available.” However, “Very effective in the supportive treatment of the infection according to the Severity of the clinical picture, which includes all the supportive measures and the treatment of relevant diseases, however.” The six confirmed infections in Germany and are in good condition, it was said by the authorities. Of an incurable nature there can be no question.

A virologist on Coronavirus

"The disease is in a majority of cases easily, sometimes without even Symptome"

In Germany, there is a first Coronavirus case. In an Interview with the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of Hamburg’s Bernhard-Nocht speaks Institute about why, nevertheless, with no the outbreak is – and how useful breathing protective masks.

In detail, among other things, the research plattformem “Correctiv” and “Mimikama” with the Video set apart, you come to your fact check of the result: “It is widely used in dramatising way, blank, misleading and false allegations”, and: “Even if in the Video it is claimed that it was not scaremongering, but just wanted to inform: It is scaremongering!”

Hospitals in Augsburg crowded

Fake: The hospitals in the district of Augsburg are not crowded

“In the district of Augsburg, almost all hospitals reported full. The patients, mostly students. The symptoms are the most shortness of breath, fever, sore throat and headache. It’s more than 24 official corona were confirmed cases, more patients are in Isolation.” This “breaking news” in the appearance of a live Ticker of the “image”newspaper has been circulating on the Whatsapp Messenger. Your content sounds dramatic, but it is a lie in the first line from front to rear, the screen shot is manipulated. The “picture”the editorial writes: “This message was NEVER on the content is fictitious.” The leaf reserve the right to take legal action against the author and the retransmission. Also, the Bavarian state office for health and food safety, explains that there is in truth only the well-known six confirmed Coronavirus cases. A spokeswoman for Augsburg competent police headquarters, Swabia is North of the “Augsburger Allgemeine said,” to the supposed “breaking news”: “Because it is a Fake.”

5G technology is to blame

Can it be a coincidence that the Coronavirus is exactly broken out where the new mobile radio standard 5G will be expanded? “Some call 5G even as a military weapon! If there were actually Dead in the city of Wuhan, it may be 5G-victims? We are served up the story with the Corona Virus as a distraction and cover-up? To protect possibly the 5G industry and their billions of investments in the world?” May. But may also not.

Business: 5G has nothing to do with the Coronavirus to

The possibility of 5G, and the Coronavirus have something to do with each other, it is served to readers on a platform “for new ideas and approaches”. Although the new mobile radio standard is in Wuhan (as well as in countless other regions of the world), however, can be ruled out that people have died there by 5G, such as a statement from the Federal office for radiation shows protection for the platform, “Correctiv”: “5G does not cause any cell reduction in flu-like symptoms. 5G can be the cause (as with all fields of mobile radio systems, so 2G, 3G, 4G) is at most a slight, imperceptible warming, which is mainly restricted to the surface of the body (and the lungs are not achieved).”

However, the presumption is that the author of the theory of anyway to enlightenment, but especially to one thing: money. Because of the dangers of all kinds, he recommends to always have a water filter in the home, which is offered directly to the Order. Price: 249 Euro.

A collection of other false information to the Coronavirus compiled by the AFP news Agency in English here and refuted.

Where can you find reputable information about the Coronavirus?

Secured and confirmed information that the German authorities keep ready: The Federal Ministry of health, the Federal centre for health education, or the Robert Koch Institute to inform serious discussion about the Coronavirus, its hazards, and the spread in Germany. Also, the world health organization offers an Overview of the infections. Especially in the case of Reports in the (Social) media, the following applies: the sender and the author of check it before you share the messages and possibly to the uncertainty of help. The audited reports of the star to the Coronavirus found in bundled here.

Facebook will, however, speak against the wrong messages to the Coronavirus. The group announced in a blog post. Specifically, it is about false allegations, which may endanger in the worst case, human life. The dissemination of falsehoods about the new lung stem disease, will delete the Online network, certain Posts, it was said in it. But they have to be previously identified by health organizations as wrong.

Twitter, meanwhile, started in Germany in cooperation with the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) is a reconnaissance Tool to the Coronavirus. Once on Twitter in Germany on the Trend #Coronavirus clicked or after a certain keyword is searched for, is playing in the upper area of the Timeline, the Tool out. In it you will find information that has been verified by the BZgA.

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