France allowed artificial insemination for lesbians and Singles

In France, the artificial insemination should be open in the future women living alone and lesbians: The Paris national Assembly voted by a large majority in favour of a government bill, after all, women can take a In-Vitro-fertilization in the claim. Thus, the demand for anonymous semen is likely to increase donations significantly.

The template still requires the approval of the Senate. In the three days of emotional debate, critics had warned, in the right camp before that, in the future, a large number of “children without a father” could grow up. Also, the French bishops ‘ conference is opposed to the innovation.

The new rules, defended the core part of the bioethics law, the health Minister Agnès Buzyn as an “opportunity” for the company. It will portray the modern family, in which there are children with only one parent or with homosexual parents. According to their idea of the costs for artificial insemination for all women is to be borne by the social insurance.

Insemination with sperm of dead husband, banned more

With a slim majority in the national Assembly rejected an Amendment of the widows for artificial insemination, access to the sperm of her dead husband should be. In Belgium, Spain and the UK, the IVF “post is allowed-mortem”. In Germany, there were cases in the past, in the women in vain for the release of the sperm of a deceased complained of. The opponents of the assault in Paris argued, such a witnessed a child wearing a “particularly difficult fate”.

Many members of the government party La République en Marche (The Republic in motion, LREM) President Emmanuel Macron and members of the Opposition had spoken out against it for the artificial insemination with the sperm of the deceased partner. They stressed that a widow would be imposed on a “double grief”, when by the death of her husband, her desire to have children remains unfulfilled.

The initiators of the now-failed Amendment think it is unjust that a widow in the future with the sperm of an Unknown fertilize can, but not with your own partner.

So far, the artificial insemination is allowed in France, only heterosexual couples can’t have children. You must be married or a minimum of two years of living together. Buzyn had already announced in the summer that surrogacy will still be prohibited.

In Germany, the artificial insemination is open, theoretically, all women – for singles or lesbian couples, it is still often difficult.