Finland: blood donors, get blood group tattooed

The blood transfusion service of the Finnish Red cross has launched a campaign to reach young blood donors: blood free blood are offered to donors, groups of Tattoos. The action is to belief mine about tattoos and blood donation and unexpectedly aroused much interest. Hundreds of people stood for hours in a queue.

Because of the need for blood donations is constant and every action counts, which promotes blood donations, has devised the blood transfusion service of the Finnish Red cross, a special idea, to draw attention across the country: blood free blood group Tattoos were offered to donors.

"We daily need 800 donors, to ensure that enough blood is available. For us, the younger audience, particularly young males, a particularly difficult target group. The blood group tattoo campaign was a great way to engage with the new donor generation in a manner in contact, you really ansprach", Anne Lind, Marketing Manager of the blood donor service said.

Many people are of the opinion that you can donate with a tattoo, no blood. That’s not true but, in fact, there is as in the case of operations only a four-month ban after the Sting of the tattoo.

In February 2019, an Event was organized where everyone who had donated blood, a free Tattoo of his blood group could get. Six Designs had been designed for each blood group, under which blood donors could select.


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