Coronavirus: this symptoms you should be aware of

In Germany there are the first cases of the Coronavirus. Reason to panic, according to experts, however, there are some uncertainties. The most important questions and answers here at a Glance:

What are the symptoms in humans are?

Typical symptoms are dry cough, fever, fatigue and also shortness of breath. Important to know: A runny nose is not a sign of alarm for a possible infection.

I need to protect myself from infection?

No – and Yes. Because even if in Germany there is no reason to be afraid of the Coronavirus, it is nevertheless useful to protect themselves against infectious diseases – particularly in light of the current wave of Flu.

How can I protect myself best?

The best remedy for infectious respiratory diseases – whether it’s influenza, corona virus or the common cold – is Hygiene. A lot of washing of hands, little hands shaking, and be careful when Sneezing and coughing – the most in the crook of one arm. A respiratory mask is suitable protection measure is controversial.

Where can I find more information?

The Robert Koch Institute and the Federal centre for health education have published web sites with answers to the important questions. For telephone Inquiries, the health insurance company Barmer has set up a toll-free Hotline.

When I need to see a doctor?

Clearly, anyone Who is sick should go to the doctor. Should not overdo it. Emergency rooms have reached their capacity too quickly. Who cares to be with the Coronavirus infected. Should go likely to the local health Department.