Cancer of the pancreas: the bacteria affect the Survival of

Cancer of the pancreas is treacherous and only a few Sufferers survive longer than five years. Special characteristics, which could explain the longer Survival of some patients, there was previously no. Now researchers from the USA have found that bacteria may play in the Tumor an important role.

Researchers at the Anderson Cancer Center the University of Texas, one of the largest cancer hospitals in the United States, have bacteria companies, Microbiome, called the abdominal salivary glands examined tumors. They found that these were people who have survived the cancer for a longer time, a much greater diversity of bacterial species than that of people died relatively quickly of the Tumor.

In the case of long-term survivors of the genera pseudo-Xanthomonas, Saccharropolyspora and Streptomyces were more common. On the basis of the bacteria companies the researchers were able to make predictions: the presence of the three above-mentioned genera and of the species Bacillus clausii language that the patients would survive longer.

In animal experiments, they were able to show that stool transplants of long-term survivors in mice with pancreatic cancer whose Tumor-Microbiome changes, an immune response evoked, and the tumors were up to 70 percent smaller than control animals. Prof. Dr. Florencia McAllister said: "The Tumor-Microbiome that can’t change, but there is a connection to the intestinal flora.” It is influenced by a stool transplant, the intestinal bacteria will have an impact indirectly on the Tumor Microbiome. The researchers hope that such altered Tumor-bacteria environment improved in the future, the treatment of pancreatic cancer significantly.