British study drug: dexamethasone may help in severe Covid-19-gradients

The UK will use from now on the active substance dexamethasone for the treatment of Covid-19-patients. The Steroid drug should be in the afternoon, on the list of the standard procedures of the National health service NHS counter-Covid-19 set, said health Minister Matt Hancock on Tuesday in London.

The anti-inflammatories dexamethasone could reduce the mortality rate in severe Covid-19-gradients. On preliminary results of a clinical study are not yet published and not yet other experts have been reviewed. Patients were artificially ventilated, and the drug received, the mortality rate decreased by one-third, as the leading scientists of the University of Oxford in a press release reports.

Dexamethasone can be used immediately

“Dexamethasone is the first drug that was shown that it improved Survival in Covid-19,” said Peter Horby, one of the head of the “Recovery”study. “Dexamethasone is a cost-effective, available, and can be used immediately to save lives around the world.”


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More recently, it was considered that the production of a vaccine takes up to 15 years. Now to be found in two years, a vaccine against the new Coronavirus, and applied. How is that going to work?

In the “Recovery”study, the researchers investigate the Suitability of already approved drugs as a means of counter-Covid-19. In total, more than 11,500 patients from over 175 clinics in the UK are reported to be included in the study. The dexamethasone part of the study included, therefore, a total of 2104 patients who had for ten days, once a day, six milligrams of dexamethasone. 4321 patients served as a control group.

The mortality rate after 28 days was below the artificially ventilated patients is the highest. It was without dexamethasone treatment at 41 percent. In the experimental group, it decreased by a third. In the case of the patient, the oxygen got, but not artificially ventilated, it decreased by a fifth. In the patients, which required no oxygen, showed the treatment to have no effect.

One of the eight Covid-19-patients can be saved

Based on the Figures of 19 patients would be prevented in the treatment of eight seriously ill Covid-by dexamethasone, a case of death, – stated in the message. “These preliminary results of the Recovery study are very clear – dexamethasone reduces the risk of death in patients with severe respiratory complications,” said Martin Landray, another study leader.


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Nick Cammack, Covid-19-research officer at the Wellcome Foundation, said in a Statement of a breakthrough. The drug should be made available to the Thousands of patients who are severely Ill in the world is now accessible. The London-based Wellcome Foundation for the improvement of global health.

Dexamethasone is commonly used as anti-inflammatory agents, including inflammation of the skin and joints.

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