Brazil is on the way to becoming the epicenter of the pandemic

The records fall by the day, and you don’t sound good: The Federal state of Sao Paulo alone has more Corona-Dead as the whole of China, namely 5000. Manaus, which is so heavily affected city in the Amazon, it must bury its dead in the hundreds of mass graves for the burial. Among nurses in Brazil recorded the most victims in the world, more than the United States, three times as much as Italy. And yesterday the provisional sad daily record: 1179 people who died in Brazil within 24 hours of Covid-19.

But the published Figures are one thing. The true Numbers are higher because Brazil is testing enough on the Virus. The real Numbers – according to the Medical faculty of Ribeirao Preto – are three million Infected, ten times as much as the official 272.000. And the peak of the crisis, is expected in June. The bitter truth is: Brazil is well on the way to be the epicenter of the pandemic.


Corona in the Favelas: If drug gangs, the output inhibit control

Governors do not want to Lockdown, Bolsonaro

The disaster could have been avoided. The government had seen what China, Italy, Spain, and France went through in February and March. They had at least four weeks more time to the crisis prepare. But you sent confusing and often irresponsible messages to its citizens, until today.

Many governors are in favour of a Lockdown, in order to overcome the crisis, President Bolsonaro is advancing but at the same time, the Opening up of the economy. Mayor decide, on a local level, to close non-essential business – Bolsonaro but a Confederation shall adopt the regulation to beauty salons and fitness studios, to keep open. The health experts in the country warn against the use of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine Bolsonaro but the effect of praise and calls to the amazement of all the mass production to be a “panacea”.

Bolsonaro is a Fan of hydroxychloroquine

Because of the differences with Bolsonaro, his health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta was first, a doctor who couldn’t bear to be so much bungling. And four weeks later his successor, Nelson pond, also a doctor, not got the face of so much bungling as well. In the meantime, also the Minister of justice Moro resigned, to protect Brazil’s corruption hunters because Bolsonaro wanted to replace the chief of the Federal police with a footman, to his sons – also politicians – corruption investigations.

There are now two more Fans of hydroxychloroquine in the world: the self-appointed health expert, Jair Messias Bolsonaro and the self-appointed health expert Donald J. Trump. Trump is the one to take hydroxy chloroquine itself, and to protect against the Virus, the spraying of disinfectants is recommended. Bolsonaro is the one who recommends to protect against the Virus, nothing at all. He is life for now.

The President (and former captain) shakes continue to be hands on as if nothing had happened. He makes Selfies with Fans as if nothing had happened. He speaks at Demos, where his Fans are calling for a return to military dictatorship.

Particularly poor in Brazil, affected by Corona

In these times of uncertainty, Worry, and many dead, the President is a kind of constant: Corona doesn’t faze him. Corona spoils him pay for not more than the economy. Corona itches him so little that he answered the question after the many dead almost patzig: “And? What do you want? What should I do? I am the Messiah, do but no miracles.”

The Coronavirus has beat in Brazil, especially in areas where the poor live and the medical care is particularly poor: In Manaus, where you will come across in the hospitals to the limits of capacity. In the poor northeast, where the Rate of infection per capita is the worst of all. In the Favelas of the large cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where the total numbers of the dead are the highest.

Many of the Infected health care

They are also high because the concept of social distancing and Shutdown in Brazil has never been implemented properly. While in Lombardy, according to an evaluation of the Imperial College, London, 75 percent of the people kept at it, did this in Sao Paulo, only 21 per cent. The epidemic, the researchers warn, could grow in Brazil exponentially.

However, people are also desperate. You don’t have to go to work, there are a lot of – in contrast to Europe immediately in front of the Nothing. The emergency aid in the amount of almost 100 Euro, not at all. Many day laborers have to sell on the street to earn at least a few Real, candies, drinks, cigarettes, your work force. You tend to stick with Bolsonaros foreign exchange – Open! – as to the scientist.

Currently, Brazil recorded daily, the second most deaths in the world, after the USA. “The Infected we are the number 1,” says Domingos Alves, Professor of the Medical faculty of Ribeirao Preto. Also, according to studies by the Imperial College London Brazil actually has the highest infection rate of all 54 countries surveyed. Until the beginning of August will die, according to calculations by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Washington, 88.000 Brazilians, including many Doctors and nurses. Due to the lack of protective equipment and poor working conditions, tens of thousands were infected, more than 15,000 have developed symptoms. “Salaries are low, therefore many working two or three Jobs,” says Manoel Neri, President of the Federal Association for nursing.

Coronavirus Pandemic

In Brazil, the infection numbers are increasing rapidly. But President Bolsonaro calls for loosening

The indigenous peoples of Brazil in danger

And now a new record is added, the most significant concern perhaps. The organization of the Indigenous peoples of Brazil (ABIP) reports the death of 103 Indigenous peoples, including in remote areas near the border with Peru and Colombia.

It could be the beginning of a catastrophe, of a “genocide”, as the great Brazilian photographer Sebastiao formulated Salgado, who photographed the peoples of the Amazon for seven years. “You have no antibodies against this and other viruses. You die immediately. Whole Nations could meet, when the Virus penetrates to you in the jungle.”

Salgado calls to send the military to force the tens of thousands of white intruders of the rain forest: gold miners, loggers, missionaries. But with this President, he makes no illusions: He doesn’t protect the White. The Indigenous, which he compared with animals and their forests all he wants is for industrial use, he will protect even less.

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