App on recipe – like the Minister of health Spahn flashcards the fight announce

The paper war in the German health care system is neither efficient nor timely. This has apparently also recognized the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn. With his on Wednesday in the Federal Cabinet adopted the draft of the Digital supply act (DVG) wants to usher in the CDU politician finally the end of the paper. But what is actually there in the 90-page paper – and what will change for hospitals, funds, and patients?

Health Apps on the recipe

For years, the flood of health Apps to the network. You are sometimes more and sometimes less helpful. Time free, time, User have to pay for it. Some help to capture blood glucose values, other patients remember their medications at the right time to take. For such Apps, patients have to pay in the future, nothing more. According to the Spahns DVG Doctors are allowed to prescribe the digital health assistant for mobile phones in the future. The costs are borne by the statutory health insurance.

Without a bureaucracy the Whole thing is of course: Whether an App is legitimate, useful and, above all, safe, is to check the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM). The checks the App virtually on the heart and kidneys before the health insurance pays for it. In addition, the developer must demonstrate within one year of the BfArM, that his App will improve the care of patients.

ePA: pharmacies and hospitals in the duty

Also, the millions of medical files the German are to be stored in the future, space-saving. The so-called electronic patient file (ePA) is already a done deal. At the latest from 2021 health insurance to their Insured’s medical history digital offer. Spahn obliged with his DVG now pharmacies and hospitals, the infrastructure to connect. Doctors, managers continue, however, to honor, to be punished. You should abstain from March 2020 to 2.5 instead of a per cent of your fee.

More information on video office hours in the network

Spahn wants to allow vaccinations in the pharmacy

Video office hours in Germany are still the exception. One reason: Many do not even know what Doctors these office hours offer it at all. Information in the network are scarce. That’s about to change. Doctors must inform on their websites about such offers. The enlightening conversation that had to take place in the practice, can now take place via video unlock. Spahn is for sure: “Doctors, the use of digital applications, will replace Doctors who are still working with index cards, because patients will not accept it in the long term that your doctor is digital.”

Stop the paper chase

That paper is patient, you will find, especially in health care again and again. Many Doctors, it is obviously difficult to say goodbye to habits, to which there are already practical digital Alternatives. In addition, it is still more lucrative to send a referral letter by Fax than to send it electronically to the trip. Here Spahns Ministry provides for the self-administration of the duty. The need to ensure that “it is more attractive to use the electronic doctor’s letter,” the Digital-supply-law. Also, for recipes, the medical AIDS regulation and the inability to work certificates no paper should be longer wasted.

Important, although long overdue: Who wants to join a statutory health insurance voluntarily, can do so in the future, electronically.

Source: Federal Ministry Of Health