Almost Always more salt and calories in Food:

Fast Food is still more unhealthy than 30 years ago. Appetizers, side dishes and Desserts of the ten most popular Fast Food Restaurants in the United States have increased since 1986 significantly on calories and salt, and the appetizers and Desserts have increased the portions.

Overall, the variety of appetizers, side dishes and Desserts has increased by 226 per cent, the quality has not improved, but "In spite of the great variety of food in Fast-Food Restaurants, some of which are healthier than others, have the calories, serving sizes and sodium content in the course of time, a total of erhöht", Dr. Megan A. McCrory from the Department of Health Sciences at the Sargent College, in Boston, said.

Desserts were every ten years, an average of 62 calories, appetizers around 30 calories. This was Mainly due to the portion sizes had increased by 13 and 24 grams. The salt content was increased since 1986 in all product groups. But there was also good news: The Calcium and iron content is in the Desserts is higher today than in the past. The authors indicate, however, that you should absorb these minerals better from foods that contain less salt and calories than Fast Food products.

A typical meal with a main dish and side dish provides, on average, almost 40 percent of adults on average need 2000 calories per day. A calorie-containing drink is, the value rises to 45 to 50 per cent of the daily calorie intake.