9 Body Positive 10-Year Challenge Posts That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the viral 10-year challenge that’s all over social media this month, it’s that a lot of our favorite celebs have aged pretty damn flawlessly. (Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon, we especially mean you.) But what impressed us more, however, are all the people who did the challenge in the name of body positivity.

Some showed off their fitness transformations, others (cough J.Lo cough) proved just how sexy postpartum bodies can be, and a whole lot of participants focused on the positive changes they’ve made to their mental health. Here, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite 10-year challenge posts. 

Anna Victoria

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2007 vs 2018 ? Since I already shared a 10 year transformation, here’s an 11 year ? Does anyone else look back and feel like periods of time in your life were another life entirely? . ⬅️ Before: * Partied (clearly ?) * Ate only fast food * Wouldn’t step foot in a gym * Drank almost no water * Had trouble sleeping * Had digestive + GI issues from poor eating habits . ➡️ After: * Enjoys a glass of wine or two here and there * Eats 80/20 * Works out for my mental, emotional and physical health * Drinks 3-4 liters of water a day * Prioritizes sleep * No more digestive + GI issues (except for when I have huge cheat meals) . While I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, my transformation was largely health focused, I am also proud of the physical change. And there’s only a 5 lb difference between these two photos! But one thing I want to add and make clear is despite the differences between these two photos, I still loved myself in the 2007 photo. No matter how much I did or didn’t weigh, I never let it phase me and question my worth. YOU deserve to love yourself now, no matter where you are in your journey, even if you haven’t even started ❤️ Please know that now, and always. #fbggirls #fitbodyapp #10yearchallenge www.annavictoria.com/fitbodyapp

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Jillian Michaels

Iskra Lawrence

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Always smiling #10yearchallenge

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Jessica Simpson

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#tenyearchallenge (? @backgrid_usa)

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Julianne Hough

Massy Arias

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#10yearchallenge From unhealthy, depressed, and unhappy. To healthy, confident, and living the best years of my life. Life isn’t a race, but a marathon. I started working out and eating healthy as a way to cope with depression, lack of self-confidence and purpose in life. It became my passion, and my medicine. Today my passion has become my career. I am thankful for all the hardships, the set backs, the late nights, the sacrifices, and everything life has thrown at me. Because today I an say I feel and look better at 30 with a toddler, than I 10 years ago. Make your life count. Do not waste your best years doubting yourself waiting for the perfect moment to act on the things you want the most. Every year brings different challenges. Let’s keep learning, growing, and pushing ourselves. Happy Monday my tribe, I’ll be seeing you at the LA Fit expo January 26th-27th. Cannot wait to see you there. For my #ma60day click link on my bio. www.massyarias.com #childofGod ______________________________________________________ Comencé a entrenar como una forma de sobrellevar mi depresión, mi falta de confianza y propósito en la vida. Hoy mi pasión se ha convertido en mi carrera. Estoy agradecida por todas las dificultades, los contratiempos, las noches desveladas , los sacrificios y todo lo que la vida me ha arrojado. Porque hoy puedo decir que me siento mejor a los 30 años que en mis 20s. Cada año trae diferentes desafíos. Sigamos aprendiendo, creciendo y empujándonos a nosotros mismos. Haz que tu vida cuente. No desperdicies tus mejores años dudando de ti mismo, y menos esperando el momento perfecto para actuar. Esta vida no es una carrera, si no un maratón. Tienes el poder de cada año convertirte en tu mejor versión. Poco a poco. Ladrillo a ladrillo. Feliz lunes mi tribu. Los amo. Nos veremos este Enero 26 y 27 en El fit Expo de Los Angeles. Los quiero, dale!

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Katie Dunlop

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Challenge accepted. Spring 2009 to winter 2019. What a difference 10 years can make ?Needless to say a lot has changed, but the most important change for me… my confidence. And that’s about a lot more than just the weight loss. It’s growth. It’s learning to love yourself inside and out from the start, not when you reach a goal. It’s a process that takes time and will always be something i have to work at, but it’s worth the work! . Side note – It’s so hard to find old “before” photos of myself because, fun fact, when you’re insecure about your body, you usually hide halfway behind friends in photos and for sure don’t have any solo ones ??‍♀️I’m so proud of who I’ve grown to be over the last 10 years and would change one of those awful years struggling with body imagine, confidence, and all the other baggage that comes with that because it led me to where I am today. And more importantly, because I can help all of you amazing women avoid as much of it as possible! #teamlsf #lsfrefresh #10yearchallenge

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Amy Schumer

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2009/2019 challenge

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Jennifer Lopez

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