150 minutes of exercise per week to extend the life of

150 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week: That would have been sufficient to prevent almost every second of inactivity-related death. This was the result of a large British study published in the journal BMJ.

To play sports or be in the middle to higher age, more active, increases the life expectancy. It does not matter how healthy you are or what sporting activities you pursued in the past. If the entire population were to uphold the minimum recommendations for physical activity of 150 minutes per week, could be prevented 46 percent of deaths associated with physical inactivity.

People who drove to the start of the study to exercise and their physical activity over a period of five years on the minimum recommendations increased, had diseases and a 29 percent lower risk for death from cardiovascular. The risk of dying in the study period of cancer, decreased by 11 percent. The biggest advantages of people who drove a lot of sports have had: you are At risk of premature death was reduced by 42 percent.

"These results are encouraging, especially for middle-aged adults and elderly people with existing cardio-vascular diseases and cancer, the more activity significant benefits to the life expectancy erzielen", the researchers write. For the study, they analyzed data from of 14,599 people between 40 and 79 years whose risk factors were three times measured within a period of 7.6 years. Then they looked at deaths among persons over an average of 12.5 years. Of 3.148 deaths 950 by cardiovascular diseases and the 1,091 were due to cancer.