10 Married Women Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Keeping Your Maiden Name

Some women insist the tradition is steeped in sexism, while others simply don’t want to deal with mountains of paperwork post-wedding. But how do you know if you’re making the right choice for you and your relationship?

Here, 10 women discuss the pros and cons.

5. “Positively, I kept it because all my academic and publishing has my maiden name. It’s easier to deal that way.” [via]

6. “I kept my name. I can’t imagine being called anything else and I like my name, if I didn’t and I liked my husband’s more then I would’ve probably changed it just for that reason. It hasn’t changed a thing. I wear a ring and no one asks if I use my maiden or married name, maybe they assume? Either way it’s had zero effect on my life personally.” [via]

“I’ve done it both ways. I’m so much happier with my decision to keep my name. It causes less confusion because I am of foreign origin, and my name matches that. Before, people were shocked when I spoke with an accent. Now they go in knowing. [It’s been positive] not having to f*ck with changing my name on everything, and knowing that even in the event of divorce (god forbid) I won’t have to change it, either. The more traditional family members raised their eyebrows, but most came around quickly when told them it’s not such an outlandish idea for a woman to keep her own name she’s had her whole life. We’ve agreed any potential children would have his name.” [via]

8. “I thought it was going to be WAY more of a big deal and it’s not. The only time I’ve even thought about it is when someone addresses me as Ms. or Mrs. and tbh I don’t know if that’s just because I feel old…” [via]

9. “Everyone who’s met my husband first also refers to me as Mrs. Hislastname. However, everyone who has met me first refers to him as Mr. Mylastname, so it’s more funny than annoying!” [via]

10. “It hasn’t had any effect really besides occasionally having to say ‘try my husband’s last name’ when someone is looking up a file at the mechanic’s or vet’s or something.” [via]

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