Anapolon (Oxymetholone) – plus 60 pounds of muscles mass per month

Anapolon (Anapolon Ultra, Androlik, Anapolan, Dynasten, Androver, Sinasteron, Oxiged) – the active substance Oxymetholone, is an anabolic drug that promotes muscle growth. The drug was created in the mid 60-ies of the 20th century and was used to restore patients who were diagnosed with osteoporosis or anemia. The medication is in the nature of steroid drugs and is considered one of the most powerful analogues, which has an anabolic property. With the development of medicine, more effective drugs appeared for the treatment of osteoporosis, but Anapolon has not lost its relevance, because its properties have become useful in bodybuilding.

General Information About Anapolon Steroid

Oxymetholone appears on the market through the production of a number of pharmaceutical companies. One of them is Balkan Pharmaceuticals. This company is best known in its circles and produces the drug in blisters, 20 pieces per plate. The tablets may be yellow, blue and white, depending on the manufacturer. This drug can be grown in AdventistDeva Steroids Shop.

Athletes and especially representatives of bodybuilding, find Anapolon 50 one of the most effective means for gaining muscle mass. The drug fixes 300% of the anabolic effect, despite the fact that this steroid has 45% of androgenic effects. This means that the body’s ability to synthesize muscle tissue increases by 3 times, while it becomes possible to face side effects in the form of masculinization and virilization. To avoid this, the substance should be used correctly and in moderation.

The principle of action of oxymetholone

Anapolon helps stimulate muscle growth by enhancing anabolic processes in the body. Testosterone activates protein synthesis, and fluid retention is observed in the blood, which leads to an increase in mass. A large amount of fluid has a beneficial effect not only on tissue growth, but also on the work of joints. However, a person encounters such processes only while taking the drug, therefore, when the course of use of these steroids is stopped, athletes lose up to 30% of the gained weight and often resort to post-cycle therapy.

During the reception, experts recommend enhanced training, calcium and protein-rich nutrition and healthy sleep. Alcohol and psychotropic substances at this time are strictly contraindicated.

Pros of Anapolon (Oxymetholone)

In fact, Oxymetholone has quite a few side effects, but athletes are attracted by fairly quick results from taking this anabolic. The positive qualities of this tool are:

  • Accelerated weight gain, do not confuse it with lean muscle mass, in this case the total weight is growing, most of which is water;
  • Increase in power indicators;
  • Surge of energy;
  • During training, relieves joint pain.

Every bodybuilder knows that anapolon is able to give a set of muscle mass in a couple of weeks, comparable to months of grueling exercises in the gym. It is this quality of the drug that attracts the most.

How to use Anapolon?

Beginning to engage in simulators in gusts to quickly gain muscle, do not really wonder how to take anapolon, which in often cases leads to negative results. However, the instructions for use are very simple.

First of all, you should know that you need to start small. For a beginner, 1 tablet per day is enough, that is, 50 mg or 1 injection intramuscularly in the same dosage. And the period of admission, it is better to spend within 3 to 6 weeks.

Practice shows that the drug is most effective in the first 20 days, after which the body is saturated with toxins, and the effect of steroids is reduced. In addition, it is better to start with a small dose to make sure that the body normally reacts to the constituent substances.

In the future, the second course of anapolone can be carried out at 100 mg per day, but not more. But there are mutants that put both 300 and 600 mg of this substance, they say in small doses they do not see the effect. So if you are not a mutant, then 50 mg is your dose.

What agents can be combined with Oxymetholone

For greater effectiveness, the drug can be combined with the following agents:

  • Sustanon
  • Stanozolol
  • Testosterone Propionate or Enanthate.

If the drug is not combined, some athletes notice the result only from the 4th week of the course, and the combined use of Sustanon and Oxymetholone makes you feel muscle gain already from 2 weeks. The same situation occurs during the combination of Oxymetholone and Stanozolol. But Propionate helps athletes who have a deficiency of their own testosterone. It can be both women and young men, as well as bodybuilders who have lowered testosterone production by other means.

Side effect of Anapolon

Despite significant positive characteristics, the anabolic has the opposite side. Basically, the side effects of taking Anapolon appear after long courses and high doses. When resorting to prolonged use of anapolon, you can encounter the following problems:

  • Weakening of the male genital organ and libido;
  • Impaired kidney and liver function;
  • Gynecomastia – the growth of the female breast;
  • Increased pressure due to strong flooding with water from the anabolic;
  • As after all steroid courses, after Anapolon there will be a strong pullback phenomenon. How to minimize it, we wrote here .
  • Poor appetite.

However, many athletes are attracted by the quick effect of taking the drug, despite such terrifying side effects.

After courses of anabolics, it is recommended to undergo post-cycle therapy (PCT) to restore the production of your own testosterone and leveling side effects from the use of steroids. We described in detail how to get through the PCT in detail in this article .

How much is Anapolon

The price of anapolone is affordable for all segments of the population. In frequent cases, you can buy a steroid at an inflated cost, because it is not so easy to find. Therefore, you should know that the cost (real) does not exceed 800-1000r for 20 tablets weighing 50 mg. However, in a pharmacy it will be difficult and most likely impossible to find this tool for muscle building.