These Indian Baby Names Are Too Cute

India is home to so many different religions, languages, and legends, all of which provide fertile ground for a ton of unique Indian baby names.

In many Indian cultures, names are based on the astrological sign the cute little bachcha (which translates to “baby” or “child”) happens to land on. And many of the names we’ve listed below have origins in the ancient Sanskrit language, which is similar to Latin in that it is the root of most modern Indian languages. Many Indian names can also be modified to specify gender by adding or removing suffixes, and there are also plenty of unisex names from which to choose; in fact, the majority of those in the Sikh religion are given to both boys and girls.

According to the latest data from the United States Social Security Administration (which keeps track of the popularity of names by decade, state and territory, and more variables), the name India has fallen in and out of favor with time — in 2019, it was bestowed on 283 female babies while the name peaked in popularity in 2001 when it was given to 1,049 female babies (the government agency doesn’t contain information about how many boys have been given the name).

So whether you’re searching for a baby name that will please your daadee ma (“grandmother”) or you simply love Indian culture and symbolism, here are some beautiful and inspiring Indian monikers for girls and boys that are truly meaningful. In fact, you’ll have trouble settling on just one!

Svetlana Radayeva/AdobeStock
Svetlana Radayeva/AdobeStock

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