See All of Kylie Jenner's Tributes to Stormi in Her Office

Adorable little reminders! Kylie Jenner keeps her 20-month-old daughter, Stormi, close — even when she’s working.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 22, gave a YouTube tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office on Thursday, October 10, showing her followers where she has her meetings, her meals and her makeup done.

“I really never have to leave my office,” the reality star explained. “That was my goal to do everything under the same roof, so I could work out of here, I could do my photo shoots, meetings, Stormi could be here. It really is a place where I could do everything. It’s amazing.”

Her toddler even has her own space to eat in the office kitchen. “She does spend a lot of time here,” the E! personality said. “She really never leaves my side. We’re here all the time. She’ll have lunch here, dinner sometimes, breakfast. She is always here.”

In fact, the little one’s bedroom is connected to Jenner’s office. But even when Stormi is sleeping, the makeup mogul has her close, thanks to a black-and-white mother-daughter photo hanging on the wall.

“I have [this] in here because she really is just my biggest motivator without even knowing it,” the Kylie Skin creator said. “She motivates me every day to work harder and be a better person so I have her in here because I’m just obsessed with her.”

She and Travis Scott welcomed their daughter in February 2018. Although news broke that the former couple split earlier this month, their No. 1 priority is their toddler.

“Travis still has a lot of love for Kylie and respects her as a mom,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively following the breakup. “He will be very involved in Stormi’s life.”

Another insider told Us that when it comes to custody, “it will be 50/50, but it’s not a point of contention. It’s really whatever is best for Stormi. Travis knows what an incredible mom Kylie is and will make whatever situation work.”

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