Redditors Have Sided with a ‘MIL' Who Wants to Take Her Son’s Girlfriend to Court — & You’ll Never Believe Why

In an uncharacteristic move, the internet is on a “mother-in-law’s” side (Sorry, MILs, the bad apples give you a bad rep). One mom took to the “AITA” subreddit to find out if she would be an a*hole for suing her “DIL”. In actuality, it is her son’s girlfriend, but she referred to her as her DIL (daughter-in-law) since it was  “just easier for the sake of storytelling.”

Not sure why that would be, but we digress …

She explained in her original post that her son, a 26-year-old attorney who is starting his own firm, and his girlfriend had been together for two years, and that she and her spouse have an amicable enough relationship with the girlfriend. One day, this MIL and her husband had takeout with their son and his girlfriend. The girlfriend ordered from her phone, but the parents wanted to pay, so they gave her their credit card information.

“We thought it goes without saying this was to draw an amount once,” she said. “However, [the girlfriend] apparently put our card into her Apple Pay and has been using it since.”

The couple didn’t notice this for several months (umm … how?), and by that time, the girlfriend had racked up a bill of $17K (yup, you read that right — 17 thousand!), reportedly consisting of big meals and outings, new clothes, pieces of jewelry, and handbags.

The woman called her to find out “why the hell” she had been using the card. Why the hell, indeed?!

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