Kieran Culkin and Wife Jazz Charton Are Expecting Their First Child

Kieran Culkin might never be Home Alone again: He and wife Jazz Charton are expecting their first child together!

Charton revealed the happy news on Tuesday, May 14, by posting a sonogram image to Instagram. “My favourite surprise so far,” the former model wrote in the caption.

She continued: “We had no idea how much we wanted this until it happened. We’re excited/terrified/ecstatic/unprepared but we cannot wait to meet our little unexpected creation in September.”

Not even a year ago, Culkin, 36, seemed less than enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming a father. “It just seems like a lot to take on,” he told i magazine in July 2018. “I suppose if she gets pregnant, that would be fine, but it’s really not on our horizon.”

The Succession star also pointed out that none of his siblings, including his Home Alone costar Macaulay, had started families. “My mother is one of 11 kids and she had seven kids and she has no grandchildren,” he added.

Culkin, who previously dated Emma Stone, opened up about meeting Charton in the same interview. He explained that he saw “this most beautiful girl” at a New York City bar and sat down at her table when her male companion got up to use the restroom. “I asked if he was her boyfriend and when she said no, I asked if I could be her boyfriend. We’ve been together ever since,” he told the magazine. “When someone is as beautiful as my wife, you just want to be close to that.”

The couple, who married in 2013, have already expanded their family, adopting a cat and naming him after jazz legend Django Reinhardt. “My wife loves Django so much,” Culkin said in the interview. “She won’t even travel because she doesn’t want to leave him. I’d really like to travel to Mexico this summer but we’ll have to consult with the cat first.”

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