Jenna Dewan Is In Her Feels About Her Kids' Passing Youth & We Totally Understand Her Nostalgia

Jenna Dewan is in her feels about the bygone baby days, and we totally understand her nostalgia.

Honoring the weekly 21st-century tradition of sharing a “Throwback Thursday” themed Instagram post, the dancer and actress added a new carousel of old photos to her grid. She captioned the post, “Throwbackkkk Thursday. Feeling nostalgic today,” asking, “Anyone else? 💖💖”

The first of seven photos is a shot that truly captures new mom life — Dewan is breastfeeding her son Callum in bed, looking tired but happy, with a nightstand full of baby gear at her bedside and a pregnancy pillow thrown over an unidentifiable piece of furniture. For added cuteness, her dog is laying between her legs, head resting on one of her thighs. One person commented on this specific photo, writing, “Thank you for not being afraid to show a woman feeding her child. It shows empowerment!! 🙌”

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The next photo is of her daughter, Everly, with Callum’s face between her little hands while she gives him a kiss on his tiny mouth — the image of sibling love every mom yearns to see. A third photo is again of the kids, this time a few years older, with Everly letting her brother lick her popsicle while they’re at a park.

The fourth photo is a stunning shot of Everly and Dewan sitting side by side, both looking over their shoulders at the camera with soft smiles. Everly looks just like her mama with a sprinkle of her daddy, Channing Tatum, and based on this photo alone, we’re sure she has a future in modeling.

The next photo is of Dewan’s husband, Steve Kazee, holding their newborn son next to stepdaughter Everly as they smile for one of their first photos together as a trio. The following shot is a selfie by Kazee as he totes baby Callum around in a carrier strapped to his front — the baby boy is adorably smiling for the photo, mastering the art of taking a selfie at sub-1-year-old. They just come out with an innate knowledge about technology these days, huh?

Dewan’s final photo is a shot of Callum sitting at her side, toddler-aged, smiling for the camera in a winter jacket and beanie. His toothy smile and big puppy dog eyes are melting our hearts, so we can’t imagine how warm and fuzzy this photo makes his mama feel! Nostalgia for days, weeks, months, and years to come, we’re sure.

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