Gabrielle Union Investigates a Sassy Kaavia James Moment & Moms of Toddlers Will Totally Sympathize

Gabrielle Union’s 4-year-old daughter Kaavia James (aka, Shady Baby) is in hot water after a recent sassy moment with her daddy Dwyane Wade. The Strange World star went full investigative reporter mode to learn more details about the jaw-dropping backtalk, and the resulting video is so funny.

“What did you say to Daddy?” Union asks her daughter in the video. Kaavia is walking around in a blue sparkly tutu and a shirt that foreshadows the situation, which reads: “I rule Daddy’s heart.”

“I said, ‘Hey, bro, be quiet Bro!”

The camera cuts to Union, whose eyes are wide. Her hand covers her mouth in shock at the backtalk. “What did Daddy think when you said that to him? What was Daddy’s face, what did it look like?” Union asks her daughter.

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Kaavia stops, thinks for a second, as Union pretends to bite her nails in anticipation. Then Kaavia busts out laughing and slapping her knee. “He laughed?” Union asks incredulously. It seems a little suspicious that he would have found that attitude funny.

Then Kaavia simply walks away — acting like she’s queen of the house. Union turns the camera back to herself and gives a look. “Oh, I wish she would say something crazy to me,” Union imitates Wade’s voice. It seems like he was all prepared to talk to her if she used sass, but in real life he just let it go. Union gives him a look, then says, “You laughed?!”

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