You can’t Pizza and cookies? This Trick helps to get rid of it – Video

It is difficult for them to refrain from French fries, cookies and Chips? US researchers have discovered a simple method that satisfies the Craving for Sweet and Greasy immediately. So you create it, not on the Unhealthy!

With a Trick the cravings on sweets and Fast Food just turn off? Researchers at the University of Florida found that even the smell of certain foods can quench the desire for Unhealthy. They have carried out a experiments study, the results of which they published in the Journal of Marketing Research.

The Team of researchers Dipayan Biswas informed the subjects over different time different smells from rooms. After that, the participants had to choose between several foods.

Who breathed in 30 seconds or shorter, the scent of freshly baked cookies, had a Desire for large a biscuit. However, those who about two minutes, it smelled, and opted instead for a strawberry. The same result can also Experiment with Pizza and Apples provided.

The Experiment shows: The smell has the same effect as the taste

Biswas believes that the smell of certain foods the same Satisfaction-triggering effect in the brain as the actual food. This is especially true for oily, deep-fried or baked food, which spread a strong scent.

The U.S. researchers also stated that KameraOne The secret of a 106-Year-old: Tacos your customers to urge fast to order. After all, who breathes over a longer period of time, the smell of French fries and other Fast Food, the desire to do it goes by faster.

Biswas recommends, in acute Desires more of a sweet scented candle to burn down, than to pick up the next cookie. Thus, the Demand should be satisfied after a Sweet after only two minutes.