Woman suffers from chronic cough – the doctor makes a surprising discovery on the x-ray image

The Turk Nazmiye Sakalloglu have you been under heavy chronic cough suffer. Again and again she went from doctor to doctor, but no one seemed to be able to help her.

Then she found a physician who examined them closer and an x-ray image of your lungs. What is the doctor in the picture looked, made him stunned: The woman had a needle in her lungs – and apparently for several years. This was reported by the news site, “Yahoo! 7 News”. IHLAS SON DAKIKA / YOUTUBE x-ray image of Nazimiye Sakalloglus lung

Woman had a needle in the lung

For two years, rattled Sakalloglu several Doctors in Istanbul. Also in the Turkish capital of Ankara, medical professionals tried to help her but without avail.

Each Time it was said, a strong cough will be triggered by an Allergy. “They gave me Allergy meds and sent me back home,” says Sakalloglu.

In the town of Kastamonu, the Doctors took the Turk to get serious. For the first time, she was looking for a doctor in the hospital and did an x-ray image. This revealed what the woman’s year-long pain and cough prepared: a three-centimeter-sized needle in the left half of your lungs.

So the needle came in your body

Nazimiye Sakalloglu has hardly thought it possible, but she knew, according to the report immediately as the needle was in her body. Vor two years, have you sewn with needle and thread handles. The news page says:

“I held two needles in the mouth, and a third in my Hand, when I tried to repair my scarf. Then it occurred to me that I had lost a needle.”

You had already suspected, to have the needle swallowed and tried with water, you flush out. After some time of the day in oblivion to the chronic cough started.

A surgeon was able to remove the needle ultimately without surgery. With a lung reflection, he pulled the metal pin out.

“I feel a lot better. I don’t have to cough,” said the woman.


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