Will Bayley health: Paralympian’s condition explained – what are the symptoms?

Will Bayley, 31, is a Paralympic champion and one of the celebrities looking to be crowned the ultimate dancer in Strictly Come Dancing 2019. No easy feat for anyone, but more so for Will, as many of the dance moves greatly impact the bodies joints. Will has experienced problems with his joints all his life as he suffers from a condition known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital, sometimes known as arthrogryposis. What is it?

Will has never let his health stand in his way, born with the condition of arthrogyosis which affected all four of his limbs and being diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of seven, he saw these conditions as mere obstacles to overcome.

While recovering from cancer he began playing table tennis after his grandmother bought him his first table.

Growing from strength to strength, he went on to represent Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, China. Will won a gold medal i the singles at the 2011 European Championship in Croatia and won gold medals at the Czech and German open.

Will won his first Paralympic gold medal at the Rio 2016 Summer Parlaympics, beating home-favourite Brazilian Israel Pereira Stroh, and showing the world how his condition never stopped him from achieving his dreams.

Arthrogryposis is a condition that describes congenital joint contracture in two or more areas of the body.

The name derives from Greek, meaning “curving of joints” and is divided into three groups: amoyoplasia, distal arthogryposis, and syndromic.

Spine curvature may develop in some patients

Johns Hopkins Medicine

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the condition describes a variety of conditions involving multiple joint contractors. “A contracture is a condition where the range of motion of a joint is limited.

“It may be unable to fully or partially extend or bend. Symptoms of arthrogryposis can vary greatly. In most cases, both the arms and legs are involved.

“Muscle contractors of joints commonly take place in the wrist, hand, elbow and shoulder on either side of the body. Lower extremity involvement is also common involving the hips, knees and ankles.

“There is also muscle weakness throughout the body. Spine curvature may develop in some patients.”

Despite all these conditions, Will is proving yet again that his condition is merely an obstacle and looking to be crowned the ultimate dancer in this year’s strictly.

Commenting on her dance partner’s condition, dancer Janette Manrara, who appeared on It Takes Two with him today, said that he had managed to adapt so much to the dances that she often forgot about his disability.

Asked by host Zoe Ball whether she tailored her training for his disability, she said: “I always try to showcase their strengths and I think Will has so many strengths.”

Speaking to Zoe Ball on It Takes Two, Will said: ‘I thought someone would be softer on me in the training hall because they might be, “Oh Will”… but she’s the opposite!

“We were doing lifts today and I kept falling over and she was like, “It’s your core! Use your core!”‘

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