Vegan diet destroyed the intestine of Influencerin – now cards secretly their lives

For six years, Yovana Mendoza promoted her raw vegan diet as healthy. However, the vegan Influencerin “Rawvana was caught” at the fish food. The reason: she was almost in menopause and major digestive problems. FOCUS Online explains what are the health risks of a vegan diet entails.

She lived not only vegan, but even rohvegan. In this extreme form of nutrition Yovana Mendoza renounced not only all animal products but also on the cooked meals. Only raw food landed on your plate. The 29-Year-old from San Diego, shared her advice on a regular basis with your followers on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. They celebrated it as a vegan Influencerin. For six years.

Until now. In her latest Instagram Video Yovana Mendoza bite into a potato and is baked! In addition, she was recently in a fish restaurant spotted. The horror is great. The number of Youtube Videos, the title of Mendoza as a “Fake vegan” and “liar”, it explodes. Instagram/Rawvana Though they are self-fish and eggs to eat, launched Yovana Mendoza a Raw Vegan Detox & Yoga Challenge.

“I’m physically just before the menopause”

The Declaration provided the Influencerin immediately in a 30-minute-long “This is what is happening”-Clip of it: It is a mixture of apologies and explanations. The fact is, apparently: According to a strict water fast already, 2014 was remained her period for two years. Her body had developed a hormonal imbalance. This went so far that her Doctors said: “I am physically a short time before the menopause”. The young woman had not expected. Because they felt physically healthy.

They ate on the recommendation of the Doctors, so more fat as well as salt because of the minerals, began to abandon the raw vegan diet and to eat Cooked. Her period came about two months after the changeover, however, irregular. But for you it was fine and you wanted to give your body time.

Eggs and fish as therapy

Mid-2017, however, your monthly bleeding stopped again for five months. Medical Checks showed that your hormonal balance was out of balance. The Council of Doctors (among other things): “you eat eggs.” However, the committed vegan refused. Also, you should increase the weight of the recommendation. It Yovana Mendoza, supplemented their food plan with the help of a friend, the nutrition specialist to iron supplements, more protein and Chinese herbs. Her period came back.

For more health problems through the use of vaginal yeast fungi and bacteria in the digestive tract (SIBO, an Overgrowth of the small intestine) were added to the 2018. Again and again, Mendoza a wide variety of changes in Diet, like intermittent fasting or Raw.

Finally, only one thing: animal fat helps with your bowel disease. She squirms for a long time. But after long Thinking you’ve decided to put your health first as you says. To throw former Convictions over Board. About Yovana Mendoza eats for two months, for example, fish and eggs. Many of their former followers have no understanding of, feel cheated, because you staged your Lifestyle Rawvana.

A vegan diet poses health risks

Absurd to “Rawvana”s story is also that, Despite all the health problems she describes in her Youtube Video, in detail, considered Mendoza a vegan diet as “wonderful”.

In fact, a diet without meat has advantages compared with an average of diet: vegetarians usually eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and nuts. In this way, you are supplied is usually a better with Vitamin C and E, folic acid, potassium, and Magnesium. In addition, you take in less saturated fat and cholesterol, because they dispense with sausage and meat.

Hans Hauner Director of the Else Kröner-Fresenius-centre for nutritional medicine provides the all-vegan diet, however, is very critical. The nutritionists strongly recommends to keep the health risks at a glance.

Vegans should have a Vitamin B12 supply is in the view

“As a rule diet over a longer period of time, I would not support this one-sided form of nutrition. I see significant problems in the supply with Vitamin B12 and urge you to supplements or other fortified foods,“ said Hauner in an Interview.

Also problematic is the iodine requirements will, could not be alone due to iodized salt to cover. In addition, analyses in the case of a purely vegan diet showed way, a reduced supply of calcium and zinc.

In particular, older people and Pregnant or lactating women should let a doctor for advice. “The Vitamin B12 memory of not be more for years, vegan nourishing women breast-feeding their children, can be used for an optimum vitamin supply is sufficient." Especially critical is that there is in these cases no warning signs in the case of a present defect.

List of critical nutrients in a vegan diet:

  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Iodine
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Zinc

Vitamin B12 deficiency increased risk for heart attack

It is probably the most underrated Vitamin: B12. It is not long since the German nutrition society (DGE) lifted together with the scientific societies in Switzerland and Austria, the reference value for Vitamin B12 from three to four micro-grams per day.

As a coenzyme in various metabolic processes, such as protein and fat metabolism involved in the body. The hook: It is not necessary for life, and the man may not even make it.

It is particularly important that Vitamin B12 remodels the unfavorable homocysteine. This amino acid damages blood vessels, promotes atherosclerosis and therefore heart attack and stroke. Anyone who takes in too little Vitamin B12, increases the risk for heart attack, stroke, and dementia.

Vegans do not, therefore, have a bad Vitamin-B12-cards, because it is used as a single Vitamin in fruits and vegetables. Instead, the following foods will help to meet the needs of: meat, fish, dairy products, eggs. Sauerkraut and seaweed do not provide, in contrast to what many believe, for a long time, the relevant quantities.

Also long-chain fatty acids, which the body mainly from fish, is a lack of vegans, often – as in the case of Yovana Mendoza. Therefore, nutrition experts, all who want to live vegan rates, regularly check your Vitamin and nutrient supply to check. The only way severe health problems prevent.