Transsexual reported: My life as a man was like a prison camp

Inwardly, Stefan felt like a woman. Since a year has also changed the look and Stefan, Sabine. What was all this necessary, and how your environment on the conversion responded.

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  • Transsexualism: What is it actually?

The first impression – very feminine, a soft face, framed by soft blond Curls. That Sabine is already the end of 40, cannot be seen in the tall woman – and certainly not that she was even a year ago, outwardly a typical man with a large nose, pronounced receding hairline and beard growth.

Nose and chin had to be male

At that time, the Munich mathematician chin and nose got surgery. The engagement of Jens Baetge was chief physician for plastic and Aesthetic surgery at the “Nuremberg clinic”. “I had told him I would like to be a woman, so feminine traits,” says Sabine Schmidt (Name changed).

“The result is phenomenal,” she says enthusiastically. As she realized now, when shopping at the checkout of a previous girlfriend, this you not. For the Operation Sabine took, by the way, of course, vacation and paid around 11,000 Euro from your own pocket.

Careful beard epilation lasts for years

In addition to the facial surgery for the transsexual or inter-had-sexual – there are various names for the “walkers between the sexes” – hair transplant, female hairline spells. With the beard epilation you had started five years previously – “a lengthy and painful procedure,” says Sabine today.

Sabine has been over a year of hormones, namely Estrogen, so the female sex hormone, a testosterone blocker to the formation of the male hormones. The deep voice is, unfortunately, unaffected, therefore, the speech training helps to give your voice a higher, more feminine tone.

Stefan was physically and clearly a man

That all sounds pretty simple, and as if Sabine jetted rapidly from one doctor to another in order to be externally from the man to the woman. “Quite so straightforward, was it not,” she says. Although Stefan was clearly a man with a deep voice, Penis, testicles, typical male hair growth, he felt in his skin wrong. “It started in elementary school,” she recalls today.

Stefan wanted to play with girls, “football, I found boring.” His whole life seemed like a gray veil overshadowed by the sun came through correctly. Only a year ago, when he began hormone treatment, “was torn away this veil with a jerk.” private

The Internet brought the first information

In the 90s, then the Internet opened its doors, he began to investigate. He was alone with his Problem? Stefan realized, relieved, that there were many others who felt similar, and that there are self-help groups, and medical assistance.

However, the firm decision to be externally a woman, he made only a few years ago. “It cannot continue like this, otherwise I’ll shoot myself,” recalls the male-to-female transsexuals today. A psychiatrist and a psychologist (by Law anyway for the hormone therapy required), finally led him to the right path.

The next step is the Change of his Name in the certificate is, in accordance with the act on Transsexuals. It needs more reviewers, the need to pay for Stefan, of course, out of their own pocket. Then there is a court hearing where it is decided whether Stefan official Sabine. The appointment is in a few weeks.

The Penis surgically a Vagina is

In the next year, a breast augmentation is planned. “It is not fitting that a woman of about 1.80 meters and has a breast size Cup A,” says Sabine. For the Operation to align his genitals, Stefan is already registered. Here, the surgeon between the rectum and the bladder forms a Neovagina is lined with the inverted penis shaft skin. Foreskin and glans are preserved – the foreskin is molded to the inner labia, the glans of the clitoris is formed. The urethra is shortened accordingly.

“The waiting time for this surgery is long, but the Doctors said, you can still shorten,” says Sabine. Because often the OP will be cancelled-appointment – also because some of the despair before and suicide commit. Exact Figures for this, but there are still.

As friends and colleagues react to the transformation

Sabine seems to be not at risk. She is happy – because your environment has reacted differently than she expected, very positive. “I was afraid to lose a lot of friends, but I have also gained new”, she says. “Almost all of the friends and colleagues have been very positive,” said Sabine.

And how it looks with love and Sex? “I would like to have a fixed partner, so I am now of course a lesbian,” she says openly. However, the chances that a lesbian woman is in love with a transsexual, are very low, about Sabine is in the Clear.

Council, other Affected

Looking back, Sabine explains: “When I saw myself for the first Time with a female face, hair, and, of course, the appropriate clothing in the mirror, I felt freed me at last.” In retrospect, you can say, your life as a man, had felt like a prison camp, like a “Suffer in a Gulag.”

Concerned, she recommends today, to have courage. The reservations in the environment are much lower than in the past. Most people are tolerant and do not see this as a Problem. “Consult a psychiatrist who specializes in TRANS-sexuality, TRANS-identity, or Transgender, these professionals exist in every major city.” It is also helpful self-help groups, such as, for example, are, however, primarily:

German society for TRANS identity and intersexuality, e. V.

Trans-Ident e. V.