The Future of Healthcare: Key concepts that are driving change

Whether it’s expanding service-line offerings or moving to remote work models, there have been significant changes in the way healthcare is delivered to patients and supported by providers. Increasingly and around the world, healthcare is adopting a more open policy around remote work for all parts of the organization.

In Citrix’s conversations with healthcare IT leaders, three concepts have emerged as priorities — agility, resiliency, and security. These concepts became drivers of change thanks to lessons learned from the pandemic and the strategies leaders are implementing to help meet the ever-changing needs of their organizations and patients. Let’s take a look at each concept:


Many organizations are looking across their portfolios to identify systems they can move to hosted infrastructure and software packages that might have SaaS options for an upgrade path. With others looking to extend these concepts to desktop environments, thin/light-weight client options offer extreme flexibility and extended life cycles. This, combined with innovation in DaaS solutions, demonstrates the ability to support widespread use cases, including many clinical workflows, while also improving deployment efficiency and simplifying patching and upgrades across the environment. As such, healthcare organizations must ensure that the agility they need must cover various aspects of operations and infrastructure, not just end-user compute.


As organizations embrace new ways of delivering services and their users adapt to new ways of consuming them, they must focus on consistency. Whether users are working within hospital or ambulatory sites, from home, from the field, or from a combination of locations, the experience must be indistinguishable. Access needs to be simple, concise, and contextually aware of the diverse environments in which users may find themselves. With Citrix Workspace, organizations can deliver a consistent, secure experience, that empowers users to be as productive as possible, wherever they are, on whichever device they need. Citrix Workspace acts as a repository for all things “work” and orchestrates secure, seamless interactions, wherever the resources may reside.


As the technical ecosystem has expanded to meet the needs of corporate IT, business operations, and users, so to must security. Zero trust network access (ZTNA), unlike previous iterations of secure access (VPN), was developed with these hybrid work scenarios in mind. A product or service that enables ZTNA, like Citrix Secure Private Access, creates a hyper-contextual, identity-based mechanism to continuously verify the who, what, when, and where of every resource within your organization, regardless of where that resource may live. This provides organizations the tools to deliver every part of their app portfolio, data set, or secure internal access to everyone who needs it, regardless of their location or device.

With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare delivery, organizations must consider these trends as part of their evolving technology requirements and build nimble, secure ecosystems to meet the evolving needs of the providers and the communities they serve.

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